30 square meters can fit both BUDO and city lines passengers on the ground

Can both BUDO and city lines fit in 30 square meters: with a notification to BUDO in the evening Kabataş Announcing the decision to close its pier, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality cannot remove its own bookstore on the Katip Çelebi Pier it promised.
Who knows…
He does not want to remove his own Istanbul Bookstore, where he sells souvenirs for coffee and coffee besides the book.
As a result, the 30 is required to use BUDO together with the ships of the city lines.
Here is the BURULAŞ appeal:
B The BUDO and city lines are different than the maroon height and mooring points of their ships. After the change on the pier, martyr lines cannot approach. Im
Or As we travel intercity, everything is handed to the waiting room through X-Ray devices, including passengers' hand luggage as required by the rules of Safety and Transport. Such an environment cannot be used mixed. Böyle
Elverişli The size of the hall is only convenient to wait for passengers of a ship. There will be no passenger lounge for two different ships from the cafeteria. K
”In bad weather conditions, we may need to use the 24 watch dock and the passenger lounge if necessary, so that the two ships cannot be used jointly“

Source : Ahmet Emin Yılmaz - I www.ahmeteminyilmaz.co



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