Yüksel Proje awarded the tender for the 3-Storey Great Istanbul Tunnel. Kazanoutside

Yüksel Proje awarded the tender for the 3-Storey Great Istanbul Tunnel. KazanOther : Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Arslan awarded the 3 Storey Great Istanbul Tunnel tender to Yüksel Proje. kazanhe made it clear. Arsan said, "We are at the last stage for Kanal Istanbul."
Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, awarded the tender for the survey, project and engineering services of the 3-Storey Great Istanbul Tunnel Project to Yüksel Proje. kazanHe said, "We will complete all the projects within a year and go to the tender for the construction of the tunnel with the build-operate-transfer model." said.
Arslan, NTV live broadcast on the issues in the evaluation of the issues found, answered questions.
Arslan, who gave information about the 3-Decked Great Istanbul Tunnel Project, explained that there will be two lanes on one floor of the tunnel and two lanes on the middle of the tunnel. The tunnel will be integrated with other rail systems and highways, Arslan said.
“Starting from Incirli on the European side, the metro will enter the underground, and will join the highway tunnel between the next two bridges. On the Anatolian side, come with Marmaray in Söğütlüçeşme Kadıköy It will be united with the eagle. In addition, a tunnel starting from E-5, starting from TEM and starting from E-6 and TEM will connect with this tunnel that will bring the cars, then come to the surface on the Anatolian Side and come to Çamlık and merge with TEM and E-6. We attach great importance to this project, all the work on this project has been completed. We went to the consultancy and application project tender in order to carry out the drilling, prepare the application projects and prepare the specifications for the file integrity that can be tendered with the build-operate-transfer model. Three companies from Italy, Spain and Turkey applied for the tender, Yuksel Proje, one of the big consultancy firms in Turkey, won the tender. kazanwas. We will complete all the projects within a year and go to the tender for the construction of the 3-Storey Great Istanbul Tunnel with the build-operate-transfer model.”
"We are working on the financial method in Kanal Istanbul"
Arslan, Yavuz Sultan Selim, Osmangazi, 1915 said the Çanakkale Bridge and motorways would be completely finished and connected to the Marmara Sea.
Expressing that they are working on many alternative routes for the Kanal Istanbul Project and that they have reached the final stage, Arslan said, “We are currently working on the financial method in which we will make a huge project like Kanal Istanbul, a really crazy project, and which method is the most advantageous in terms of the country's economy, and we are in the process of finishing those works. Now, after we have finished it, I hope we will start its tender processes. Kanal Istanbul cannot tolerate further delays because it has an added value to create. " said.
"Our martyrs wrote their epics"
After reminding us of the suggestions to give the name of someone who died during the coup attempt to the 3rd Airport in Istanbul, Arslan said, “We will evaluate and decide together. Even if we don't name all our martyrs somewhere, they cost history, they wrote their epics, they took their place in the hearts of 79 million. Not only in their hearts, but in the hearts of the oppressed and victims of the world who see this geography as hope and see Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as hope, they took their place in the hearts of our friends who desire to be symbolic. their names will be kept alive, it is useful to know. " he spoke.
When the number of vehicles passing through the Osmangazi Bridge is reported as daily 5-6 bin, Arslan said the bridge is a whole with the 384 kilometer highway between Istanbul and Izmir.
Stating that the guarantee given for the bridge is 40 thousand, Arslan said, “The traffic we initially expected from the Osmangazi Bridge was 15 thousand and now an average of 20 thousand vehicles pass every day.” said.
"We are closing TIB"
Answering a question about the closure of the Telecommunications Communication Presidency (TİB), which was voiced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan after the July 15 coup attempt, Arslan said that a separate structure, TİB, will be closed and they will be included in the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK). Explaining that the work done by TİB will be carried out by BTK, Arslan stated that they saw what this treacherous restructuring, including TİB, was trying to do before 17-25 December, and that the restructuring efforts have been going on for 2 years.

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