3. Airport construction rises without impact

  1. Airport construction is rising without impact: One of Turkey's most important projects 3. The construction of the airport continues rapidly without the hitch, despite the 15 July coup attempt process. The silhouette of the main terminal building, the most important part of the construction, was viewed from the air.
    Turkey coup attempts, while on the one hand and the fight against terrorism, while also completing projects in the giant international scale. 3. The construction works at the airport, 15 on the night of the July coup attempt and the process continues after the disregard of the process.
    The main terminal building, the silhouette of which is the most important part of the 76rd airport, which covers a huge construction area of ​​500 million 200 thousand square meters and will be the largest in the world with an annual capacity of over 3 million, was viewed from the air. The 101.5rd Airport, which will leave Atlanta Airport with an annual passenger capacity of 3 million, is getting ready to serve with an annual capacity of over 200 million when all departments are completed. The 3rd Airport works, which will address the density and capacity shortage of Istanbul Atatürk Airport, continue 7 hours a day, 24 days a week. The main terminal building, the most important part of the construction, started to rise as planned. In the aerial footage, it is seen that the main terminal building, which is under construction on an area of ​​1 million 300 thousand square meters, has begun to emerge.
    The number of personnel will be 30
    The most foreign personnel in the airport construction, where workers from 12 countries work, are Vietnamese and Pakistani citizens. More than 3 thousand personnel from 2018 countries continue their work simultaneously and continuously in different parts of the site, in order to raise the first section to the beginning of 12 at the 17rd Airport, one of the world's largest construction sites. In the ongoing works, it is stated that there are 500 office workers and 14 of them are site workers. It is stated that the number of personnel will increase to 500 thousand during the peak working period. The airport will provide 30 new jobs when it is put into operation, and will indirectly become a source of income for 100.000 million people.
    3 Over Work
    Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) Airports Director (CEO) Yusuf Akçayoğlu, 3. Noting that the construction of the airport continues at full speed, already 2 bin 200 truck, 252 excavator, 60 tower crane, 57 grader, 124 roller, 101 dozer, 60 articulated truck, 57 wheel loader, 23 mobile crane, 70 concrete mixer, 18 concrete pump 3 in total with the 22 vehicle is working.

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