Dangerous walking on pedestrian overpass in Zeytinburnu metrobus

Dangerous walking on pedestrian crossing in Zeytinburnu metrobus: Istanbul Zeytinburnu metrobus stop because of the intensity of citizens who want to use the overpass formed long queues. In the meantime, a young person who saw the intensity of danger to the railing of the bridge over the shortage of a short-term panic created.
Hundreds of people wishing to use the pedestrian overpass at the Zeytinburnu metrobus station were in the queue. In the evening, the 20: 00 ranks created long queues when citizens wanted to cross the road using the overpass.
Citizens descend from the metrobus waited a long time to pass overpass. Meanwhile, a young person who saw the intensity of the overpass endangered his life, and panicked off the railings on the D100 highway. On the alert of the citizens descended from the young guardrail.

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  1. After a series of mind-boggling accidents, the standard practice is: after the right / left handrail top of the pedestrian overpass bridge, at least 2,5m is covered with polycarbonate glass upwards. In this way, the crazy as well as in the picture to fall down, even climbing on the railing will be prevented, as well as vehicles belonging to the following vehicles are protected against the danger of external factors!
    Here this measure has been completely neglected!
    However, the main problem here is that it is not designed according to the passenger flow, ie the bridge crossing is insufficient. With a standardized pedestrian crossing bridge application, the problem cannot be solved on all sides. Here, the overpass width must be selected to match the flow rate of the pedestrian peek!