Wagon Repair Factory Victim slaughtered under crane post (Photo Gallery)

The sacrifice was slaughtered at the wagon repair factory under the crane: TUDEMSAŞ General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors Yıldıray Koçarslan wished workers to work without an accident before the sacrifice slaughter and said, “Even your fingernail is very valuable for us. I hope this peaceful working environment will never deteriorate and we will not experience sad work accidents. OHS is one of the most important issues for us. We have increased the number of OHS experts, but you also have great duties. Please do not start without protective equipment and work in accordance with OHS rules so that we do not encounter sad results. May Allah accept our sacrifice we slaughtered. I wish accident-free jobs ”.
In addition to the Deputy General Managers and Heads of Departments, Kemal Uzman, the Financial Secretary of the Railway Business Union and Ahmet Çakmak, the Sivas Branch Secretary, also attended the sacrifice.



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