Governor Karaloğlu, Tram and Airport Review

Governor Karaloğlu, Tram and Airport Review: Antalya Governor Munir Karaloğlu, Meydan-Airport tram line, airport car entrance and Antalya Arena Stadium found the inspections.
Governor Münir Karaloğlu made examinations on the airport tram line to see the work on site after the meeting to reduce the waiting and density at the airport 3 days ago. Governor Karaloğlu, who got on the tram with his accompanying people from the Muratpaşa Mosque stop, with the citizens on the tram sohbet and listened to his problems. Governor Karaloğlu, who examined the security measures at the airport tram station and the increased number of lanes for vehicles at the airport entrance, thanked those who contributed. Governor Karaloğlu also made observations at Antalya Arena Stadium.

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