Solutions Against Magnetic Current in Transportation Projects


Steel reinforcements in concrete can affect the magnetic fields of electronic devices and systems in many different structures and limit their working performance. In addition, steel reinforcements in concrete in certain areas where power-generating devices operate, accelerate the corrosion process by being exposed to electric currents and may reduce the concrete strength below the safe limit in a short time.

In order not to encounter such problems in buildings and for the electromagnetic systems to work smoothly, KraTos Macro synthetic fiber reinforcements, a product of Kordsa Global Construction Reinforcement Technology, which provides high toughness and long-term durability in the concrete, resistant to corrosion and non-electrical conductivity, protect the concrete against magnetic flux and project workmanship and A minimum of 30% time advantage is provided in production times.

It is desired to ensure the continuity of electro-magnetic systems; Concrete reinforcement applications against magnetic conductivity in different structures such as light rail and high-speed train lines, highway and bridge magnetic toll gates, airports, hospitals, test laboratories, R&D facilities, radar and measurement stations and broadcasting stations greatly increase the operability and service life of the structures. increases substantially.

KraTos Macro Synthetic Fiber Reinforcements are produced from Polyamide 6.6 raw material. KraTos Makro, which is resistant to corrosion and not electrically conductive, provides sustainable resource savings with its features that provide safety, durability and a time advantage of at least 30% compared to wire mesh steel production in projects where electro-magnetic security is required.

In the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge and Northern Marmara Highway Project, which is one of the most important projects of Turkey in the field of transportation, the toll booth concretes are reinforced with KraTos Macro synthetic fiber reinforcements in order not to adversely affect the signaling systems in 4 toll booths and 9 magnetic HGS transition areas.

KraTos Macro, besides its non-electrical conductivity and corrosion resistant properties, provides easy and fast applicability, labor force savings, high toughness, homogeneous distribution in concrete, crack penetration and prevention of development and minimum stock space requirement. 30 provides time advantage.

The signaling systems included in the rail system projects are of great importance in order not to interfere with the public transportation services and the electro-magnetic signaling area must be protected from external influences in order to work smoothly.

A similar need has arisen in order to prevent the signaling systems from being magnetically affected in the under-rail concrete of 63 switch crossing sections in the Gar-Tekkeköy Light Rail System Project, which is of great importance for Samsun urban transportation.

Kratos Makro synthetic fiber reinforcements provide the desired toughness and mechanical strength in light rail system under-rail concrete, and provide reinforcement against magnetic flux in the shear transition sections with their corrosion-resistant and non-electrical conductivity properties. In addition, it has been preferred over the concrete reinforcement application with mesh steel reinforcement, providing a minimum 30% time advantage to the project with its fast mixing, easy pumping and applicability features.

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