Tülomsaş to be a World Brand in the Rail Systems Sector

Tulomsas Rail will be world brand in its sector: Turkey Locomotive Industry Inc. (TULOMSAS) General Manager Hayri Avci, companies globally in the rail sector would be to a brand.
Hunter, in a press conference, TÜLOMSAŞ the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO), said Turkey's largest 500 firms prepared to order more than 106 ranking is based on the previous year, rising 295'inc.
Noting that the amount of resources transferred to the sub-industry in the last 5 years was 460 million liras, 2015 exports were 91 million liras, and 2015 turnovers were 399 million liras. Avcı noted the following:
“Our Honorable Prime Minister supervised the works on-site and by constantly encouraging the employees, within the scope of localization to TÜLOMSAŞ, a 20-year strategic partnership agreement with General Electric company, the project of producing E 68000 electric locomotives at TÜLOMSAŞ, the production of MARİN engines for Van Lake ferries, the first national electric electric locomotives. E 1000 shunting locomotive production project, Marmaray vehicles traction motors production project, National High Speed ​​trains production project in our company, etc. kazanThere are important projects that he has done. The biggest project that the High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT), which was given the task of producing to TÜLOMSAŞ by our Prime Minister, will provide to Eskişehir. kazanNS; The city will become one of the most important YHT centers in the world.”
Hunter, the price of a YHT set of about 34 million euros, pointing, said:
“If YHT set is produced once a month in TÜLOMSAŞ, an added value of 53 million Euros a month and approximately 18 million Turkish lira will be provided with 58% domestic rate initially. Great contributions will be made economically in Eskişehir to its high-tech products. New departments may need to be formed in universities. Initially, there will be new employment opportunities for at least a thousand people, together with the sub-industries. The region will be reshaped with high technology. With the project, new jobs will be created. ”
“It will be a global brand”
Avcı stated that the studies related to the establishment of the test center brought to the country's agenda by their companies in Eskişehir and that it was made a project with the great contributions of TÜLOMSAŞ.
TÜLOMSAŞ pioneered the creation in Eskisehir in Turkey's first set of rail, urban rail systems is an important step towards that car manufacturing center, describing the nature of the hunter, gave the following information:
“Starting studies with TUBITAK on sector-based projects, exemplary projects in this context, E1000 National Electric Locomotive Project, freight wagons of various types, various locomotive equipment, starting processes for design, testing and control of our products with our universities, producing and applying the technology of the sector. As for the creation of human resources, 2016 students were recruited into the sector in 80, with the rail systems cluster led by TÜLOMSAŞ and the joint project with the Directorate of National Education to meet the qualified human resources of our sub-industries. kazanhas been raised. In order to train engineers who will work in the R&D units of our sub-industry, a project has been initiated with the rail systems cluster and Eskişehir Osmangazi University under the leadership of our company.
Emphasizing that their efforts to make Eskişehir and the region a production center for rail system vehicles continue, Avcı said, “YHT technology kazanTÜLOMSAŞ will become a global brand in the rail systems sector as a result of the studies we have been carrying out with the used the phrase.

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