Statement of TÜLOMSAŞ from AK Party Workers Commission

AK Party Workers TULOMSAS the Commission Description: Ak Party Labor Commission, Provincial President Ali karademir, the Republican People's Party (CHP) Provincial Chairman Sinan Özkara of Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Corporation (TÜLOMSAŞ) responded to his statement related.
A working group of about 100 people participated in the press release held in front of the TÜLOMSAŞ factory. Chairman of the AK Party Workers' Commission Ali Karademir, CHP Provincial Chairman Sinan Özkar'ın, TULOMSAS said that they regret for the statements made. President Karademir says that TÜLOMSAŞ is a livelihood for Eskişehir residents. TÜLOMSAŞ is a school that teaches.
“The words of the CHP provincial chairman, who saw TÜLOMSAŞ as little as they were saying,“ They just paint, tighten screws ”, saddened us as both a railroader and an Eskişehir citizen. we are sorry to be convicted to politicians, "he said.
Here, only the workers of TÜLOMSAŞ transfer can not be Karademir, said:
"Here, there are Eskişehir workers who say," We will do it, even if you prevent it ", in order to respond to a mentality that declares that the workers in our city are useless and to a local president who does not contribute to the city economy."

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