Tram tradesman finishes, Yenisehir craftsmen are sinking

Tram tradesman finishes, Yenişehir tradesman sinks: Yahya Kaptan in Izmit, Yenişehir and Mehmet Ali Paşa neighborhoods because of the ongoing tram works “trades are crying blood deyim
The most painful process of the tram works that have been going on in Izmit for a while is the artisans of Yenişehir and Mehmet Ali Paşa Neighborhood. With the arrival of the month of Ramadan, tradesmen who hoped that their business would increase but could not find what they hoped, almost rebelled because life could not do in Mustafa Kemal Boulevard, which stretches along Yenişehir and Mehmet Ali Paşa neighborhoods. The images of the street in the language of artisans in Syria, such as speeches were seen.
Faik Haliloğlu, a tea quarry business on Mustafa Kemal Boulevard, said, iz We are in powder smoke. 3-4 have been miserable for months. Neither the customer comes nor the people can take a sigh of relief. Now they are said to have stopped work here on 20 day that they have not paid the contractor. Nobody experienced this ordeal in Izmit. If these works continue like this, we have friends who will close the shutters ”.

As the street becomes a war-torn zone, dust clouds spread around make people uncomfortable
We can't even get to BALKONA
Kemal Öztürk, a retired resident of Yenişehir, said, yüzünden We can't go up to our balcony in the summer day because of dust and smoke. We can't even hang laundry. We can't get into our house. Now that there's a runaway, these roads will be excavated again. According to their minds, they do business and open and close. Enough is enough, artık he rebelled.

In the neighborhood of Yenişehir, the quarry operator Faik Haliloğlu and the residents Kemal Öztürk, Erdoğan Eryiğit and Bayram Yılmaz called the municipal authorities by stating that the tram works had been ruined.
Yasin Esmez, owner of Esmez Bufe, located on Mustafa Kemal Boulevard, said, büyük We have suffered a great deal of grievance for these works for 3 months. As a result of unplanned and unconscious works, this street came to this situation. Normally, this was a very busy street, but these works brought us to a halt. No people during the day and no evening. In the evening, it's pitch dark. People are afraid to leave the house. There are also some rumors that the municipality is helping tradesmen to give money. But there's no such help. Every day, either electricity lines are cut off or natural gas pipes or internet lines explode, we are extremely victims. Bulundu
We could not experience the mobility of RAMAZAN
Yunus Doğanay, owner of Dostlar Bakery, one of the street shopkeepers, said, iyle With the impact of vehicle traffic, our business has fallen by half. We are here in the food industry. We sell bread. But because of the road works, the dust cloud does not pass. We have difficulty maintaining our products. As the bakery business, we could not experience the movement that we experienced during Ramadan. R
Cihan Alpaslan, the dealer of a tube company on the street, has lost a lot of work because of the tram. Alpaslan said, “Saturdays are the only days we do business. I didn't let them come on Saturday and they were trying to dig up my shop. 3-4 has begun to sink such trades for months. 3-4 during the month, no officials from the municipality did not come to us and ask what you are doing in the way of your business is going to sink. Let them listen to this voice. ”

Cihan Alpaslan, who is the dealer of a tube company in Yenişehir Neighborhood and his employees said that their business has come to a halt.
Cihan Alpaslan continued his speech in a violent manner and said, imiz We all got sick from dust. Customers are not coming. Our sales have fallen by more than half. At the meeting held with the municipal authorities and the company, they called us 3 months, but there was no improvement in 4 months. People work here for bread. It is not normal for such a street to be closed for so long. We cannot pay salaries to employees ”.
Alpaslan then said, “We can't even get our products out because of the dust here. Expect a closed box. Even if we clean our shop every day, 1 gets into the dust every hour. We're ending here and melting. Nobody thinks about us. Municipal officials who do not see the state of this street, those officials who ignore our situation when it comes to the tax, they immediately take the money to think about us, ”he said.
A Ganyan dealer owner who didn't want to give his name said, imiz Our business has fallen below half. No vehicle access. Every day I passed the road closure, either the electricity or the internet is cut. 3 I've been without the Internet for days in months. My work is progressing through the internet and electricity. My shop was closed for several days. Who's gonna pay for my damage? An unconscious job is being done. We cannot find the interlocutor to tell our problem ”.

Vehicle traffic is partially provided to Yahya Kaptan part of the tram works. Sketchy, there are tram rails on some roads, while some roads are covered in dust.
Emrah Bağı, the owner of one of the street tradesmen, said “50 has decreased in our works. We are suffering from unnecessary studies. A ditch was officially dug in front of our store. Even we can barely get in. After the tram works, I think that the course will not be good ”.



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