The tragic story of the father under the train

Tragic story of the father trapped by the train: Cüneyt Tatlı (39), who was under the train while passing through the uncontrolled level crossing in Manisa, was buried next to his two children who drowned in the irrigation canal two years ago.
The accident occurred yesterday evening. Construction worker Cüneyt Tatlı, home-made motorcycle motorcycles, home, uncontrolled level crossing, Manis-Alaşehir expedition passenger train hit the expedition. Sweet drifted under the train meters, died. Cuneyt Sweet funeral prayers for lunch today, CHP group vice-president Özgür Özel, Şehzadeler Governor İsmail Çorumluoğlu and his lovers attended the funeral. Cuneyt Tatlı, after the funeral prayer was performed at the Kirtık Cemetery, 3 was laid to rest in the 2014 August 8, next to his daughter, 6-year-old Merve and his son XNUMX Yiğitcan Tatlı, who were drowned in the DSİ irrigation canal.
It was learned that Cüneyt Tatlı's twins, one girl and one boy, were born 8 months ago and gave the names of their two children who died. Speaking after the funeral was buried, CHP's Özgür Özel said that they wanted the railway passing through the city to be taken out of the city. Stating that the deceased Cüneyt Tatlı called him a while ago, Özel said, “When I lost my two children that day, you wished me patience, their mother was pregnant. I had twin children. I gave the names of my two children who died that day to my newborn twins. ' Unfortunately, those children were left without a father. "Such free deaths burn us," he said.

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