There is no power on the national will

There is no power on the national will: the coup attempt, which is denied to our President, Prime Minister, our Government, who is on duty with the will of the nation. The result was determined by a stable attitude.
Some of the soldiers in the Turkish Armed Forces nested FETÖ terror organization launched their targets in the coup attempt. It was not possible for such a powerful and interdependent nation to achieve their dark goals. We have never known any power over the national will, and we will not recognize it after today.
located in the coup attempt were attacked directly to the nation to eliminate the will of the nation the will of their entry to substitute themselves in place of that manifestation of the people's will, together with our many institutions and organizations with cowardly attacks Turkey Grand National Assembly. In this attack phase, there are martyrs and injured citizens who gave their lives for their country. I wish God's mercy for our martyrs, and the health of the Turkish nation. I wish a speedy recovery for our wounded citizens.
Our country is rapidly returning to normal, and those who are in this desperate attempt will undoubtedly be punished in the most violent manner. Our chief commander, the head of the Republic, our brave nation, who has been marching to the squares since the very beginning of the incidents by the President of the Republic Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and marching on the heights of the nation and the lofts that directed his nation, showed once again what a great nation he is.
protect democracy, cherished our nation to abandon the challenge on behalf of go with the national will, democracy and our Located political party next to our government, which holds democracy seizure of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey overnight AK Party, CHP, MHP deputies, blow stepped in immediately since the beginning of events tempted We would like to thank our prosecutors, who issued a warrant for immediate arrest and detention, to our press agencies, to our press organizations that continue despite all kinds of adverse conditions, and to our honorable soldiers who have been fighting against the lower ranks of the Turkish Armed Forces.

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