Technology will remove vision barrier

Technology will remove the vision barrier: Visually impaired people need help without the need to travel by bus, shopping center to visit the technology was launched.
Turkcell and Gaziantep Municipality have put together a joint project and put the technology that visually impaired people can travel by bus without needing help, and shopping center can be visited.
Turkcell and Gaziantep Municipality signed a joint project for the full and active participation of visually impaired people in life. My Dream Partner, which was developed by Turkcell and Young Guru Academy, was introduced to the use of visually impaired people in Gaziantep with new features. Imagine partner with visual impairment in developed application "Transport" feature that can be used for the first time in Gaziantep, Turkey and the pilot will be able to travel without becoming caught up in that bus is available. After my first trip to Istanbul, Istanbul with my beard partner ”Yol Arkadaşım AVM“, which is realized with beacon technology, visually impaired people will be able to go shopping in shopping centers without needing help.
The presentation of the project was done in Gaziantep with the participation of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin and Turkcell General Manager Kaan Terzioğlu. Falcon, "the opportunities provided by Imagine your partner, and we have implemented the 'Transportation' feature is a model not applied even in New York today," he said, Terzi also said: "the first time in Gaziantep last life in Turkey will be an example to the world that Especially visually impaired individuals coming out of their house in Gaziantep will be able to walk around the city with smart stops and buses. By using the other features of Hayal Partner, they will be able to easily navigate in shopping centers by voice guidance, and they will be able to watch audio films and visual films without missing any visual details. I hope that such cooperation will spread throughout the country and that Gaziantep will serve as an example to all of our cities in removing barriers. Bu
The cooperation between Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and Turkcell is as follows: Huge savings in energy: In the four Organized Industrial Zones of the city, 900 units of electricity meters can be read in real time with Turkcell technology and instant energy consumption and power information can be received on a subscriber basis. Thanks to the Smart Meter, the leakage in the electricity grid was prevented by approximately 90. The loss-leakage rate of 4% has been reduced to 0.5. Thus, annually 25.5 million pounds were saved. Smart stall: 28 units on the tram line with smart stall in public transport stops by the citizen waiting time in the tram is reduced by the average daily 20 minutes.
Free Wi-Fi in trams and buses: 93 in Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, 28 bus and 121 in public transport vehicles in the total 900 to the people of Gaziantep is provided internet service. Excavation vehicles: Municipal, subcontractor companies can follow more than XNUMX earthmoving truck.
Terzioglu, augmented reality in the future, virtual reality and artificial intelligence applications will help many more obstacles, he said.

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