TCDD announces the reason for stop of Marmaray flights

TCDD, Marmaray announced the reason for stopping the flights: yesterday evening hours due to a technical failure Marmaray stopped service, began to run after the breakdown.
In Marmaray, which joins the two sides of the Bosphorus under the sea, expeditions stopped due to technical failure. The flights stopped at 18.20 due to the technical malfunction in the electrical parts, returned to normal starting at 19.15. After the 55 minutes of failure, the passengers waiting at the exit were taken to the stations on the announcements, the flights between the Anatolian and the European side started again.
Disclosure from TCDD
In 19.07.2016 (today), due to a technical failure in Marmaray on 18.20, commuter trains could not be operated temporarily between Kazlıçeşme and Ayrılık Fountain.
After the elimination of the fault, the voyages were started as of 19.15 and they continue their normal voyages.

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