Today in history: 19 July 1868 Ruse-Varna line

Today in History
19 July 1868 used Ruse-Varna line Prince Napoleon. The cost of the train was met by the property fund of the Danube province of 100 lira.
19 July 1869 Porthar company gave the general assembly the authority to accept 17 April contract by making an extraordinary general congress. The company asked for new assurances.
19 July 1870 France-Prussian War interrupted railway construction. French and German technical personnel working in construction returned to their countries for military service.
19 July 1930 The construction of Sarkisla-Sivas line (91 km) was completed. Contractor Emin Sazak.
19 July 1939 The new station building in Afyon was opened by Ali Çetinkaya.



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