Sumela Monastery ropeway project shelved

Sümela Manastarı ropeway project has been shelved: The ropeway project, which will be constructed from the historical places of Trabzon to Sumela Monastery, was decided to stop due to the application to UNESCO.

The project, which was prepared to go up to the historical Sumela Monastery in the Altındere Valley in Trabzon's Maçka district, was not approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism due to the application of Sumela Monastery to the UNESCO World Heritage List. With the warning of the Ministry of Tourism, Trabzon Ortahisar Municipality Council started its July meetings. At the first meeting of July, the "Ortahisar City Council Work Report" was discussed. In the meantime, President of the City Council Ortahisar Ahmet Aslanoğlu taking the floor, taking part in studies related to tourism, stating that they want to make the subject to Sumela Monastery when the cable car.

Seyfullah Kınalı, a member of the Ak Parti Assembly, gave a speech on this question. However, we applied for the Sumela Monastery to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism called us and warned us. If we build the ropeway project, it would be more accurate to stop the project because it could be a problem in front of the Sumela Monastery to enter the World Heritage List. It is much more important for us to enter the World Heritage List, we will continue to work from where we left after this work is completed. Dünya

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