Sefaköy - Başakşehir Havaray Line Opening Date is Finalized

Sefaköy - Başakşehir Havaray Line Opening Date Finalized: It is expected to be the solution to the traffic problem in Istanbul Sefaköy - Halkalı - Başakşehir Havaray Line will be opened in 2019. What will be the impact on the real estate sector?
The airway project, which is hoped to be an airborne solution to Istanbul Traffic, starts. The EIA report of this project, which is expected to relieve E-5 traffic, was completed. The average 15 mileage is expected to be ready for use in the 48 month. The cost of 861 million 172 will be a thousand pounds of this project is expected to bring a solution to the transportation which is one of Istanbul's biggest problems. 17 station is expected to be that even each vehicle will carry 485 passengers in total. Havaray line starting from Sefaköy Halkalı Street and Hürriyet will follow the boulevard and end in Fatih Terim Stadium.
This line, which will relax the route it has passed in terms of traffic, has also mobilized the real estate sector. Places near the Havaray line are expected to gain value. For this reason, many real estate investors have already started to invest in this route. If you prefer the real estate sector to make money, you can save money by taking home, work place or land from this environment. The faster you buy from this environment, the higher the prices are expected, the more profitable you get.

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