Tram Brings People Together with Their Loved Ones in Samsun

Tram in Samsun brings people together with their loved ones: Tram in Samsun brings people together with their loved ones! SAMULAŞ took the last departure time in the rail system to 01.00:XNUMX at the University and Gar stations. Citizens who went to relatives during Ramadan and on holiday had the chance to be together with their loved ones until late at night.
In the Light Rail System, whose passenger carrying capacity increased greatly with the introduction of the summer season, the transition to summer practice during departure hours made Samsuns especially happy to visit their loved ones in Ramadan and on holidays. SAMULAŞ Operations Manager Sevilay Germi Telci said that many Samsuns thanked them for the tram's departure time at 01.00:XNUMX.
SAMULAS, which prioritizes passenger safety and comfort, attracted great attention from Samsun residents who had time problems to visit their relatives and loved ones. SAMULAŞ Operations Manager Sevilay Germi Telci stated that the application will continue throughout the summer season, “Citizens who visited their relatives from Samsun to Atakum or from Atakum to the city center during the month of Ramadan, thanked us by phone. As SAMULAŞ, we attach great importance to return to all complaints and requests of our citizens of Samsun. It was a great pleasure to change the departure time at 11.45 last night to 01.00. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our citizens on this matter. ”
During the summer season the whole train of care and cleanliness also voicing pay more attention Sevilay Germi Telci, train wagons with ozone gas and other means of disinfection system, said the first time they began in Samsun in Turkey. Stating that disinfection is carried out using the ozone equipment, as well as daily routine cleaning operations in buses and cable cars, especially light rail vehicles, Telci said, “The system that tries to protect passengers from infectious diseases with a disinfection process every 15 days, as well as the daily routine cleaning of vehicles, It tries to reach the result by monitoring the results of the disinfection process with the measurement made by the accredited laboratory. While bacterial traces were not observed in cabin equipment after disinfection in the measurements, the decrease in the amount of bacteria in the ambient air in the cabin exceeding 90 percent was detected in the measurements made by the accredited laboratory. In addition, with the new HRS Vehicle Tracking Software developed by SAMULAŞ with a software company, the assignment of tram mechanics, machinist cruise control and instantaneous speed control can be done at the route speed limits.
Sevilay Germi Telci, who also opened the doors of the Samulaş Railway System Control Center to Gazete Gercek, said that all the train stations, along with the Rail System route, are viewed by the employees working on a 24-hour basis, via high resolution cameras. Expressing that they attach great importance to safety as well as comfort in light rail vehicles, Telci emphasized that the SAMULAŞ team, consisting of 12 machinists, 57 of whom are female vatman, and a total of 334 people, is working meticulously to get the best service in Samsun, bus, tram and cable car transportation.

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