Kubilay also met with the Gulf

Kubilay also met with the Gulf: After 15 of the 11 passenger ships bought by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality to strengthen the sea transportation, the third of the passenger ships with cars came to the city. After the first two ships called Ahmet Piriştina and Hasan Tahsin, the third and last car passenger ship that will cherish the memory of another icon name of the city, Kubilay, joined the fleet. The Kubilay ship will soon be in service after the official procedures are completed.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented the “Marine Transportation Development Project” in order to increase the share of maritime transportation in public transportation and renew the existing fleet with ships suitable for the use of disabled people, is the third of the passenger carriages bought after 11 new passenger ships that joined the fleet. also met with the Gulf of Izmir. Metropolitan Municipality, which previously put Hasan Tahsin and Ahmet Piriştina ships into service, will also offer Kubilay to the service of İzmir residents after the acceptance and control procedures of the new ship, and documents and permits.
Everything was thought
As in the previous ships, the environmentally friendly and disabled-friendly Izmir's new car ferry in the foreground, will pass the vehicles safely across the city of Izmir, while enjoying the gulf, the young children can spend their time in the children's playground prepared for them. The state-of-the-art car ferry is equipped with lifts for the disabled and the elderly, as well as special sections for citizens.
There is no “no Bu on this ship!
The new ferryboats built by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality stand out with their different aspects. Here are a few of these features:
• All decks and passenger lounges are designed to be used by physically handicapped and visually impaired passengers and babies.
• Warning and guidance signs where necessary were written in the Braille Alphabet with relief for the visually impaired.
• There are flooring in the decks and halls that can be used by visually impaired passengers.
• There are connecting equipments in the passenger lounge which will enable our citizens with wheelchairs to safely navigate their vehicles.
• There are elevators suitable for disabled people with a total of 2 disabled to move the passengers between the decks on the bays and berths of the ships.
• Baby care table available.
• There are independent pet cages 3 for passengers to carry their cats and large dogs.
• There is a playground surrounded by 2-5 for children in the passenger lounge.
• There are 10 pieces of bicycles and 10 motorcycle parking spaces.
• There are 2 units, 2 units and 1 units are available.
• Buffet and cold snack hot drinks are available for sale
• Passengers will be informed through screens through the fleet information support system. TV broadcasts can also be watched on board.
• Ships will have wireless internet equipment.
• Ships will have full electronic control system and maneuverability.
The people of Izmir determined
The names of the ships in the sea fleet, which was completely renewed by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, were determined by the residents of Izmir. One of the names that received the most votes in the questionnaire was “Kubilay”, who was martyred in the reactionary uprising referred to as the Menemen Incident in history.
Mustafa Fehmi Kubilay, who was born in 1906 in Kozan as a child of a Cretan family, was martyred on December 1930, 23 by a group led by Derviş Mehmet while he was doing his military service in the Menemen district of Izmir as a teacher in 1930.

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