Pamukova high-speed train crash 12. in the year

Pamukova high-speed train crash 12. 41: 81 person died and 12 injured, XNUMX years have passed since the high speed train accident, but the required lessons have not been taken.
12 years ago, at 22 July 2004, there were no lessons from the Pamukova high-speed train accident that caused the death of the 41 person and the injury to the 81. During the 12 year, the trains continue to threaten the security of the public, while railroads are not completed. The BTS President warns: uyar The old type of security system is transported. This may cause accidents caused by lines or personnel. Bu
United Transport Union (BTS) Chairman Uğur Yaman said there was a change in the problems in the railway. Referring to the Eskişehir-Istanbul high-speed train line, Yaman expressed that the signaling and road safety were in the open condition. Yaman, who noted that the same problems in the Pamukova line, where the opening of the 3-4 once said that a full-rail activity could not be passed. Yaman stated that these problems continued in many places and the people were victimized. Ve Transportation is carried out with the old type security system. This can lead to accidents caused by lines or personnel. Bu
In the 2013 adopted in 21 in June, the implementation of the Law on the liberalization of railways, paving the way to paving the way for privatization Yaman said, uygulan The continuation of the railway in the public domain in many cities, towns and villages, including citizens, small trades do not want to use. In the past, people could carry their animals and things from the city. Now they have transported the block. Transportation is now being carried out for large enterprises. The goal is to cool people from the use of railroads and get rant from those areas Amaç.
Ali Ekber Cakar, chairman of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, also made a written statement about the Pamukova accident which resulted in the death of the person. Pamukova accident by stating that became contentious public policy of railway Çakar, the requirements of the event ground surveys and engineering services yapılmayış and noted that lead to non-fulfillment. Cakar stated that the problems in railway transportation, which continue to pose a threat to human life, continue to increase with the privatization process. In the 41 1923 percent in passenger railway transport rates, while the 1950 percent load, 134 years in the railway transportation of passengers declined while 1951 2013 percent a year 28 percent. 1950 42 78 2000'da 2.2'de 2012'de regressed; Road transport increased from 1.1 to 2000 at 4.3 and from 2012 to 4.1 at the same period. In 71 and 76.8, the number of passengers remained behind the 95.9 year, and 98.3 and 2013 were less than the 2014 customers, respectively. Inda
Cakar, expressing the need to reach the level it deserves, should be able to reach to the level it deserves, safe, comfortable, fast, eco-friendly, external dependency, not wasting energy, modern and fast rail, air and sea transportation. and within the scope of this plan, the main roads should be prepared for rail, sea, air and road. Çakar, listed as follows;
- By harmonizing all modes of transport, weight should be given to rail transport in freight and passenger transport, and rail transport should be increased in a planned manner.
- All privatizations regarding infrastructure, vehicles, land, facilities, enterprises and immovables should be stopped in the whole transportation and railways.
- Integration of new rail systems with existing transportation networks should be ensured, and light rail systems, especially metro, should be expanded in cities.
- In transportation master plans, priority should be given to railways and maritime systems with lower unit energy consumption, existing systems should be used by improving their capacity and efficiency; It should be aimed to reduce oil dependency in transportation; legislation should be reviewed accordingly.
- Disfunctionalization of TCDD, appointment of political staff and the slaughter of experts at all levels should be ended. The personnel deficit of TCDD should be filled within professional and technical criteria, not political; "Wage for performance", "total quality management" etc. applications should be removed.
- Maintenance-repair shops and all facilities that have been taken out of service should be made functional again.
- TCDD's debt and loss policy should be abandoned.

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