Head of OSTIM Technology Dr. Sedat Çelikdoğan passed away

Head of OSTIM Technology Dr. Sadat who died Çelikdog: Turkey has produced distinguished scholars, our projects and our national major domestic industry veteran Prof. Dr. Sedat ÇELİKDOĞAN has passed away. We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest condolences to our late Hodja, to our family, relatives and lovers. Rest in peace.
Due to the death of our teacher; We would like to thank all of our lovers for sharing our sorrows by sending their messages, faxes and flowers to our phone call and sending their messages to our funeral by visiting our country and visiting the place of condolence.
Professor Dr. Who is Sedat ÇELİKDOĞAN?
Born in 1943 Dr. Sedat ÇELİKDOĞAN graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Mechanical Engineering as an engineer. In 1966, he completed his PhD at Istanbul Technical University. In 1971 he became an associate professor at the same institution. He lectured at Istanbul Technical University, Sakarya University and Karadeniz Technical University.
He worked as a consultant at TUBITAK, Islamic Development Bank.
SATEM (Strategic Research and Technology Development Center) Presidency, D-8 Countries Industry and R & D Projects Coordinatorship, Beltaş Board Chair, SAM Engineering Board Chairman, Hema Coordinator, TÜBİTAK Engineering Research Group Member, Middle East Bearing Industry and Trade General Directorate, Turkish Motor Industry Inc. (TÜMOSAN).
He developed the diesel engine designs currently used by many automotive companies.
He served in the modernization of indigenous armored vehicles and in many weapons industry projects. He worked in engine design for armored combat vehicles and locomotives.
Prof. Dr. Sedat ÇELİKDOĞAN served as the chief consultant to the Prime Ministry in various periods, as the founder and senior manager of many public and private sector companies.
25.07.2014-07.04.2015 is a faculty member of Karabük University Faculty of Engineering Mechanical Engineering Department.
Lastly, he served as the chairman of Ostim Technology Center, Vice Presidency of Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems Cluster, National Metro Vehicle for National Turkish Industry Development, National High Speed ​​Train, National Wind Turbine, National Automobile, National Motor, National Airship We would like to thank our esteemed teacher, who continues his works in many important national projects such as defense projects, and wish head health to all of our nation and those who love him.



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