Continue investment in OHAL

continue to invest in state of emergency: the emergency rule in Turkey will implement the investment rate. After the announcement of President Tayyip Erdoğan's 3 decision that will last for a month, en We will accelerate investments hız message, 1 will implement many mega-infrastructure projects with billions of dollars in the year.
When President Tayyip Erdoğan explained the decision of the state of emergency, ın Steady investments will be continued ın message will be delivered, the next 1 billions of dollars in the year will be implemented many mega infrastructure projects. President Erdogan, the night he announced the decision of the State of Emergency, the investments will stop in Turkey, built by the end of the year in Istanbul xnumx'ünc including the bridge would be completed some of the projects and said the service would be submitted. Some of the projects that are planned to be opened in the short and medium term are:
ISTANBUL-IZMIR HIGHWAY: The 3.5 motorway project, which will reduce the traffic between two cities by 433 hour, has been put into service with the Osmangazi Bridge. By the end of the year, the project's 120 kilometer will be completed. Thus, the part of the road up to Bursa will be put into service. The whole project will end in 2018.
AVRASYA TUNNEL: The Eurasia Tube Crossing Project, the twin of Marmaray, will be opened in December at 20. The 14.6 kilometer of the 3.4 kilometer is under the sea.
3 to ISTANBUL. AIRPORT: 27 of the project was completed. 2 billion euros have been spent on the project so far. The first quarter of the 2018 is intended to be opened. When the first phase is completed, the 2 bin will be landed and the 3 bin aircraft will land.
RİZE -ARTVİN AIRPORT: Recently, the High Planning Council (YPK) decision was made. The tender will be launched this year. n FİLYOS PORT: 3 will be shot before the end of the year for the port, which is one of the biggest port. After the completion of the infrastructure works, the tender for superstructure and operation will be made.
BAKU -TİFLİS-KARS RAILWAY: The project is planned to open this year. The project, from Asia to Europe, the major portion of the load that can be transported in large volumes from Asia to Europe through Turkey. The line 1 is capable of carrying million passengers and 6.5 million tons of cargo.
YAVUZ SULTAN SELİM BRIDGE: The 3 bridge, which will be built in Istanbul, will be opened in 120 in August with the 26 motorway and connecting roads. Asphalt works are completed on the bridge, the last operations on the towers. Thus the 322 bridge towers will be finalized. The construction process begins in the tenders for the Kınalı-Odayeri sections of Kurtköy-Akyazı and 169 kilometers, which are the continuation of the North Marmara Motorway Project.

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