SkyTran Application in Lagos

SkyTran Application in Lagos: Everybody dreams of being able to fly away in heavy traffic rather than being stuck in traffic, and this dream finally seems to be true with SkyTran.
Designing self-driving monorail small pods, SkyTran plans to provide 6 meter altitude and 230 mileage transportation from ground to ground. In this way, the 2 hour-long journey by car will be reduced to a time of one minute.
The first SkyTran project will be launched in 2020, Lagos, Nigeria. The company will also collaborate with local developer Miral to create a trial center on Abu Dhabi's Yas Island. However, there is no final date for a finalized project. Jerry Sanders, the CEO of the company, is one of the centers that will be located in Abu Dhabi International Airport. It is foreseen that such transportation options will solve many problems in the centers where transportation is very important.
According to SkyTran, the cost of each one and a half kilometer distance is 13 million dollars. But at the same distance, the metro costs approximately $ 160 a million dollars. The stations in this system like normal public transport will be found. Sanders said the fee would be less expensive than metro use. The pods will take the passenger automatically, so if a pod wishes to enter the station, it will move to the side rail, so that it doesn't wait. This means a system that never stops traffic.

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