Train causes forest fire in Kütahya

In Kütahya, the train caused a forest fire: In the forest fire in Tavsanli district of Kütahya, approximately 1 hectare of forest area and 200 decares of wheat were damaged.
Between the Karapelit and Güzelyurt villages, fire started on fire on the side of the railway. In a short period of time, the forest area and wheat cultivated in the field, the fire of the Forest Regional Directorate and Tavsanli Municipality fire crews and 2 fire fighting helicopter intervened.
As a result of rapid intervention, a fire of about 1 hectares of pine wood and 200 decare wheat were damaged.
Adnan Kayım, Regional Director of Forestry, stated that they found that the fire started from the edge of the railway and said, “We determined that the fire broke out after the train passed the railway. It sparked the dry grass on the edge of the railway of the sparks that occurred during the passing of the train and started the fire at 7-8 points and reached the forest area. As a result of the rapid intervention of our teams, we took the fire under control. ” said.
Sliding, said the cooling activities in the region continued.

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