İDO Difference in the Gulf Now Begins

The İDO Difference Now Starts in the Gulf: Osmangazi Bridge began to be paid in July for 11 with an equal competitive environment, so the services of İDO have come to the fore
11 With the Osmangazi bridge being paid in July, the ün all-inclusive service hatt offered by İDO on the Eskihisar - Topçular line started to come to the fore. İDO, which aims to make its passengers feel 5 starred comfort with innovations such as free buffet service and children's playgrounds, meets all the needs of its passengers in the Eskihisar-Topçular voyages that last 30 minutes.
Pointing out that the crossings from the Osmangazi Bridge are free before and during the holidays, IDO officials stated that the bridge started to be paid on 11 July and that the services applied in the Eskihisar-Topçular line started to overcome the advantages of the bridge.
İDO started the trial application of the services such as buffet, children's play areas and massage during the festival. It provides new excitement to its guests by coloring the services between Eskihisar and Topçular after the holiday.
İDO, which aims to be a stopover center for its ferryboats, offers a free buffet coupon service to every vehicle ticket. In addition to the hot dishes, the İDO customers are able to feel themselves at home with the rich buffet menu, which includes carrot cake and susurluk toast.
Providing the satisfaction of the customers in the forefront, İDO has also set up children's playgrounds on the Eskihisar-Topçular ferries, considering the children and parents. Children and parents, who are intended to travel comfortably and comfortably, can also enjoy fun activities in the playground.
During the Eskihisar - Topçular flights, passengers will also be able to use massage chairs and mobile phone chargers free of charge throughout July.
İDO, which allows many famous brands to organize various events in their flights, will also host many famous brands throughout the year and offer different surprises to their customers.
About Eskihisar - Topçular flights: On the Eskihisar-Topçular line, which takes 30 minutes, IDO provides service with 16 ships. 4 of these are new generation ships. There is also a Ro-Ro ship with a capacity of 120 vehicles. İDO carries a total of 15 thousand vehicles per day on this line.

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