Karşıyaka major bend on tram

Karşıyaka bend on the tram: Konak and the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Karşıyaka trams exceed a significant threshold.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues the construction of the Konak and Karşıyaka trams exceed a significant threshold.
Karşıyaka 10006 will be started in July at the junction of tram line Cehar Dudayev Boulevard and 1 / 8294 Street and 1 / 18 Street intersection (Koçtaş Junction). Temporary traffic arrangements will be made in the region during the work planned to be completed in 20 days. Koçtaş junction will be closed to traffic instead of 250 meter distance on the Mavişehir Ring Road connection (in front of Karya Houses and Petrol Ofisi) junction will be used.

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