Switzerland will show national participation for the first time in Eurasia Raile

Switzerland will participate in Eurasia Rail for the first time this year. It will bring together sector representatives at the Istanbul Fair Center between 3 and 2 March 4. The fair, hosted by the Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, and the Turkish State Railways, is supported by TÜVASAŞ, TÜDEMSAŞ, TÜLOMSAŞ and KOSGEB.
Switzerland's 2030 is the longest and deepest railway tunnel in the world with Gotthard Base, which aims to increase the 59 and rail freight transport by 13 by 7 until XNUMX. Eurasia will participate in the fair for the first time this year. The fair will bring together regional sector representatives and contribute to the creation of new business and cooperation opportunities.
Within the scope of the conference to be held simultaneously with the fair to increase the sectoral knowledge and experience sharing, local and international opinion representatives will meet and the information flow will be provided to the sector.
regulating the leading trade fairs in Turkey's leading IT industry companies in Turkey where the group is located between EUFOR - E organized by International Fairs International Rail, Light Rail, Infrastructure and Logistics Exhibition - Eurasia Rail; 2 - 4 2017 in March 7. times will open the doors. The fair will be held in Istanbul Expo Center; Switzerland, one of the leaders of railway transportation for the first time this year, will participate in the country.

The fair, where manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world will exhibit their products, services and technologies, is planning to visit more than a thousand 15 railway and light rail systems professionals. Eurasia Rail will provide an opportunity for professional visitors to meet with the leading manufacturers of the sector and to keep up with the innovations closely and will be an important platform for sharing information and experience in the sector with concurrent conference and seminar programs.
ITE Turkey Transport & Logistics Group Director Moris Revah: “Railway transportation; It is among the most important transportation systems of the 21st century with its line capacity, service life, not being dependent on petroleum, being environmentally friendly and the safest means of transportation. By bringing together the opinion leaders of the sector in our fair as every year; We aim to determine the direction of the railway sector and contribute to the development of existing relations and to create an international platform where new collaborations are signed.
In addition to Germany, the Czech Republic and France, Switzerland will also participate in the national fair for the first time in 2017. The fact that Switzerland, which is one of the leading countries in Europe in terms of railway transportation usage and technology, participates in the country within the scope of the fair, is an indication of the importance that Switzerland gives to Turkish rail sector representatives. Investments in the ongoing modernization and carrying capacity of the railways in Switzerland continue. Turkey is seeking new markets to increase exports while his production. I believe that the bilateral business meetings to be realized within the scope of the fair will make a great contribution to the sector and the national economy Fuar.
ITE Group's expertise in the field of uzman Transport and Logistics N is organized by 12, which is the largest in the region. ITE Turkey has the experience and expertise of Eurasia Rail Fair. Combining the strong global network of ITE Group with ITE Turkey's experience and portfolio, Eurasia Rail will continue to create a stronger synergy for the rail sector.



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