Historical Touch to Selçuk Station of İZBAN (Photo Gallery)

Historical Touch of İZBAN to Selçuk Station: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continues the construction works of Selçuk axis, which will extend İZBAN line to 26 kilometers by extending 136 kilometers more. Selçuk station, which has been completed to a great extent, is preparing to greet its passengers with wall panels signed by the ceramic artist Mustafa Tunçalp, reflecting the 6 thousand years of the district.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on the line that will extend the Izmir Suburban System IZBAN, which is the largest urban public transportation project in the history of the Republic, from Torbalı to Selçuk. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has completed the works at Selçuk Station to a great extent, will take the passengers on a historical journey in the deep-rooted history of the district of 6 thousand years at this station. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is about to complete the productions at Selçuk Station, placed specially prepared ceramic panels on the station walls. The panels depict the historical values ​​of Selçuk bearing the traces of the Roman period, Byzantine, Aydınoğulları Principality, Seljuks and the Ottomans, and the ancient city of Ephesus, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
In the panels prepared by the ceramic artist Mustafa Tunçalp, the Prophet who lived in Bülbüldağı, which is accepted as the place of the cross for Christians. Mother of Jesus Mary, figures from Şirince Village and Ephesus Ancient City, one of the important values ​​of the district, and Nike representing the goddess of victory from Greek mythology, son of Zeus and Maina; Hermes, which is considered to be the most cunning of the goddesses, is one of the most important structures of Ephesus, representing the architecture of the Roman period, and the Celcius Library, which serves as both a library and a tomb monument.
32 million pounds investment
İZBAN line, which extends the 32 kilometer further by completing the construction of the highway sub-overpasses of the Torbalı section of the station opened in February, the Metropolitan Municipality, continued to make significant progress in the 26 kilometer Selçuk line. 32 million pounds in the ongoing work of investment in the Selçuk Station was completed to a large extent. Electrical-mechanical and architectural productions and escalator assemblies are in progress. The second station of Selçuk İZBAN line, the ”Health inşaat station, completed the rough construction, and the electrical-mechanical-architectural works are continuing. Escalators will be installed in the coming days.
Highway upper and lower crossings continue
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality manufactures 3 highway overpasses and 4 underpasses between Tepeköy and Selçuk. The bridge construction of 2 highway overpasses in Sağlık ve Belevi, which was built especially for the passage of heavy tonnage vehicles in areas that were used as level crossings on the existing line, was completed and opened to vehicle traffic. Construction of the highway overpass bridge in Çaybaşı continues. 2 highway culvert crossings between Sağlık and Belevi have been completed. While one of the 2 highway culvert crossings between Belevi and Selçuk was completed, the other reached the level of 75 percent.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Selcuk IZBAN line, except for the expropriation costs 32 million pounds will be invested.
According to the protocol made by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with TCDD, the station works of the Seljuk line and the sub-overpasses of the highway are made by the Metropolitan Municipality. TCDD will perform line laying works, signalization, kataner system and protection walls.

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