Güneşköy Cooperative is divided by Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train Project

Güneşköy Cooperative, Ankara-Sivas Fast Train Project was divided in the middle: Turkey's first ecovillage initiative Güneşköy Cooperative, was divided in the middle Ankara-Sivas Fast Train Project. Güneşköy founders said, “We will continue to do clean agriculture with a collective understanding without using chemicals. We will deliver food from the closest place to Ankara, ”he says.
'Who are we. İnci, Ali, Claire, Fikret. On the web site of Güneşköy Cooperative, the founders tell who they are. We're wondering, we're on our way. Turkey's first ecovillage initiative between Ankara and Kirikkale near Hisarköyü Güneşköy.
A group of urbanites, academics, landscape architects saw these days in 2000 and took action to facilitate access to clean, healthy food. They buy 75 acres of land belonging to the treasury on the slope of Balaban Valley, near the Hisarköyü of Kırıkkale, which is an hour and a half away from Ankara. Cooperative activities are on the one hand, and the works carried out for the land to have a strong arable land on the one hand… And the agricultural activities start in 2006. Hundreds of supporters, those who come and go to Güneşköy from home and abroad, primary school students, university students… On this occasion, many urban people meet agriculture and enjoy collective work / production in Güneşköy.
Alternative production despite high speed train
Last year, the team that established the Güneşköy Cooperative, is shaken by the Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train Line learning the project through the eco-school. Objections, negotiation results. And construction begins. Last weekend, when we visited Güneşköy, the work machines were working. İnci Hoca, an academician at METU said, “The speed train divided the land of Güneşköy into two. For this reason, a group of our supporters gave us back to. But we are committed. Here, together we will continue to clean agriculture, Burada he says.
Güneşköy Cooperative manufacturers, based on social sustainability policy, talk about the importance of working together and responsibility. Adnan feeds red California worms, collects pearl vegetables, makes Ali soil ready, so that every person who comes to Güneşköy is doing daily work.
Product distribution after the holidays
The Güneşköy Cooperative also contributed to the transformation of the nearby villages. Many peasants / farmers have started to take clean agriculture. Early in the morning, breakfast is prepared from organic products. From cucumbers, tomatoes etc. Collecting. Field crops are not yet ripe. Every person in Güneşköy who comes to solidarity is holding one end of the job. The landscape architect Fikret said, ile We have a glass greenhouse made with adobe building, straw bale house, stone house and organic agriculture. We're on our way. We have a lot of dreams. But it requires a labor-intensive activity, ık he says.
Tractor working with biofuels instead of fossil fuel
There are also other tractors that are produced in Güneşköy, which are produced with vegetable oil. The farmer produced his own fuel, replacing the fuel, which was directly imposed by the system with the crude oil and the farmer's major source of expense. This has made a great contribution to agricultural production. Working with vegetable oil, which is a costless project for people in the village, the tractor makes it possible to use the oil produced by the farmer instead of fossil fuel, which will help the production of the farmer.
One of the aims of Güneşköy Cooperative is that the producer can easily deliver the product to the producer in the city. And the main thing here is to establish solidarity between urban and rural people. Community supported agriculture is an important goal. Ali Hodja said, “If this is set in motion with the right agricultural methods in the valley we are in, an important part of the food Ankara needs can be provided. We think that food should be produced locally, at the closest possible point, instead of giving food to the people of Ankara by adding transportation costs from distant places such as Antalya and Mersin.
Although the high-speed train divides the land of Güneşköy in two, there is still a large area of ​​cucumber, tomato, bean, pepper, squash, stevia, eggplant, bell pepper, kaypa pepper, potato and dried onion. After the festival, the harvest begins with the harvest of crops in the field. The grown products will be delivered to the citizens in four points of Ankara. Distribution points will be located on the web address of Güneşköy.

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