EGOdan Express bus line to Sincan-Kayaş Train passengers

Express bus line from EGO to Sincan-Kayaş Train passengers: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has created an express bus line between Sincan-Kaya-Sihhiye for the Sincan-Kayaş suburban train line passengers, which will be closed to transportation due to Başkentray construction works to be initiated by the Ministry of Transport.
In addition to the existing bus lines, in order to prevent the local people from being victimized, the 522 no. Was created between Sincan-Gar-Sıhhiye to replace the Sincan-Kayaş Suburban line, which will be closed to transportation within the scope of the Başkentray Project construction works to be realized by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. will carry passengers by express bus line.
EGO officials stated that the construction work of the Başkentray Project will start on Monday, July 11, and the '522 Sincan-Gar-Sıhhiye Yeni Ekspress' line will be put into operation along the suburban train route in order to prevent the citizens using the suburban train line from being victimized.
Officials stated that they are working intensively on all details in order not to be a victim, but also explained the details of the newly opened bus line. With the closure of the Sincan-Kayaş Commuter line, the passengers rik 522 Sincan-Gar-Sıhhiye Express Line with Sincan, Lale, Elvankent, Orders, Özgüneş, Etimesgut, Marşandiz, Gazi Fişek Factory, Gazi, Hippodrome, Ankara Railway Station, Sıhhıye Courthouse found that they could use the available stops.
The route of the 522 Sincan-Gar Sıhhiye Ekspress line, where Sincan-Gar flights will be made, Sincan Departure Point, Vatan Street, Ankara Street, Polatlı 2nd Street, Atatürk Street, İstasyon Street, Turkish Red Crescent Street, Ankara Boulevard, Celal Bayar Boulevard, Kazım Karabekir. Avenue, Hipodrom Caddesi, Talatpaşa Boulevard, Atatürk Boulevard. the return will be from “Altınsoy Caddesi, Celal Bayar Boulevard, Ankara Boulevard, Türk Kızılay Caddesi, İstasyon Caddesi, Atatürk Caddesi, Ankara Caddesi, Vatan Caddesi and Sincan Movement Point route. In addition, while existing lines going from Ulus and Sıhhiye to Sincan continue, it is reported that the number of buses on these lines can be increased if necessary.
On the other hand, due to the renewal of the Kayaş-Sincan Banliyo line, it was stated that the buses of the municipal buses that provide transportation from Mamak and Kayaş to the Ulus and Sıhhiye region will continue in the same way, but the number of buses will be increased in these lines.



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