EU does not allow high-speed train testing center

The EU does not allow a high-speed train test center: The European Union (EU) has decided to reclaim Spain's 140 million-euro public support to build a high-speed train test center.
The EU Commission has announced the decision to withdraw the 520 million-euro public support provided to ADIF by the railway company in the country in order to set up a high-speed train test center at 140 per hour near Malaga, Spain.
Stating that it has been determined that the high-speed train test center that Spain is planning to establish is not in accordance with the EU public support regulation for research, development and innovation, the EU Commission stated that the project does not have a common benefit to Europe and therefore it is not found in accordance with the EU public support rules.
The EU Commission reminded that the existing test centers within the union provide sufficient opportunities to test high-speed trains, equipment and materials, and that the new facility to be built in Spain
he concluded that it would be a copy.
The EU Commission started to investigate Spain's support for the high-speed train test center project in 2015. In line with this decision, Spain needs to completely get back the public support provided for the establishment of a test center. In EU member states, the EU Commission oversees whether public subsidies comply with the rules. In investigations, the return of public subsidies that were not properly provided can be requested.

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