Electric Buses 7 After the Road to Izmir

Electric Buses 7 months later in Izmir Road: Turkey's first electric bus fleet established in Izmir. The General Directorate of ESHOT signed a contract with the company that won the 20 otobüs full electric bus adet tender. 7 will start to serve in the city in the new environment-friendly new buses will be decorated with Izmir-specific motifs.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Directorate General of ESHOT, Turkey's first "full electric buses" signed a contract with the manufacturer by completing the tender process to build the fleet. The 20 firma full electric bus luk tender was awarded to TCV Otomotiv Makine San. and Tic. Inc., 8.8 will deliver the buses by completing the production within the month. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 7 plans to earn more 3 electric buses to the city in the year.
Special motifs for İzmir
29 standing, 40 standing and 2 wheelchair passenger capacity will have electric buses, exterior appearance will be appreciated. The outer covering of environmentally friendly buses will reflect the special motifs and colors of Izmir.
Environmental and economic
Low base structure and the right to sleep with the ability to use the disabled buses will be produced in accordance with the use of 400 km a day, air conditioners 13 hours per day in case of 250 km will be able to travel.
The electric buses can be charged at 2,5 per hour with fast charging, while 4 can be charged in normal conditions. With the introduction of environmental technology in transportation, the air pollution created by the exhaust gas will be eliminated and the fuel costs will be minimized. The energy cost will change between 19,56 and 30 Kuruş if the air conditioner is switched on or off and 80 will save energy.
Also during the landing and braking on sloping terrain, buses provide more energy by providing energy loading. Will do.
The shock of the engines of fossil fuel-consuming buses will not be in new buses. In this way, the people of İzmir will have a more comfortable journey.
Buses to be charged by solar energy
The General Directorate of ESHOT continues its efforts to provide the electricity that will be used for the charging of buses from solar energy. ESHOT will make its first tender in August.

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