Maritime Industry, International Maritime Exhibition 14. Exposhipping EXPOMARITT Meeting in Istanbul

Maritime Industry, International Maritime Exhibition 14. Exposhipping EXPOMARITT Meeting in Istanbul: The most important event that brings together the national and international actors of the maritime industry is 14. Exposhipping EXPOMARITT Istanbul Maritime Industry Technology and Trade Fair will be held at 21-24 March 2017 at Pendik Green Park Convention Center. Exposhipping EXPOMARITT Istanbul, which will open its doors with the theme of. New Horizons Fair İ, is supported by IMEAK Chamber of Shipping and Turkish Maritime Education Foundation (TUDEV). times
In order Turkey to more efficient use of its potential in the maritime industry and to have a greater say in the global market, under UBM roof IMEAK Chamber of Shipping and the Turkish Marine Education Foundation (TÜDEV) organized the xnumx.'s with the support EXPOMARITT Istanbul Marine Industry and Technology Trade Fair , Turkey's oldest maritime trade fair is taking place under the auspices of the Exposhipping. 14 21 24 2017 14 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX Exposhipping EXPOMARITT Istanbul's introductory meeting, the Association of Turkey Shipbuilders (GİSBİR) Secretary General Kemalettin lush, UBM EMEA (Istanbul) Responsible President of Turkey Operations Haluk Balci, UBM EMEA (Istanbul) Group Exhibition Director Orhan Çağlayanvesektör's leading Tuzla Yacht Club with temsilcilerininkatılım ' was done.
EXPOMARITT Istanbul aims to welcome 10.000 sector professionals
UBM EMEA (Istanbul) Group Exhibition Director Orhan Çağlayan said: create fairs. We also UBM EMEA (Istanbul), Turkey's most established maritime trade fair in Exposhipping auspices of the Chamber of Shipping and TÜDEV IMEAK with the support of the industry's most important event of this 11. We take pride in performing once. More than a thousand maritime professionals from 50 participated in the fair organized by 14 in 2015. % 57 of the visitors ordered directly,% 7 said that they would like to place an order later. These figures show that our fair goes beyond a networking event and that the purchasing power of the fair visitors is very high.
With the expanding exhibitors and visitors' profile, our fair will continue to create the ground for new business partnerships and offer the opportunity to follow the latest developments in the maritime trade services industry. This year 14. Exposhipping EXPOMARITT Istanbul we will perform once more than 40 country, 600 more than the brands representing the 200 over the group expect. In total, we expect 50 shipping professionals from more than 10.000 countries to visit the fair. Toplam
Turkey's shipbuilding and shipping industry that has continued to grow every year UBM EMEA (Istanbul) Turkey Responsible Chairman Haluk Balci from Operations said: "According to information we received from IMEAK Sea Chamber of Commerce, the Turkish fleet of 1 January 2016 as the world's largest fleet When the ships operating under foreign flags are added to the national flags of the countries that have them, it is the 1000th in the World Fleet with 29,1 million DWT in the ranking made to cover ships of 14 GT and above. Our country's export shipments increased by 2015 million tons in 3,6 compared to the previous year and reached 92,1 million tons. Import shipments increased by 13,6 million tons to 208,3 million tons in the same period. Turkish in maritime foreign trade transportation bayraklı Our ships receive a 12% share from these shipments. While the number of shipyards used in Turkey was 2002 in 37, this figure increased to 2014 in 77. The number of shipyards under construction reached 2014 as of the end of 49. Sectoral fairs are becoming increasingly important in this growing market and in today's rapidly changing international trade environment. kazanhe's eating. In this context, as UBM EMEA (Istanbul), we are delighted to organize once again the 14th Exposhipping EXPOMARITTIstanbul, which will be held under the auspices of Exposhipping, Turkey's most rooted Maritime Fair, for which IMEAK Chamber of Shipping has the naming rights. We aim to carry the maritime sector of our country even higher.”
Inevitable early booking and discount deals
21-24 The companies who want to take their place at the EXPOMARITT Maritime Industry Technology and Trade Fair which will be held at the Pendik Green Park Convention Center between March and 2017 will be able to benefit from the early booking prices until 1 September 2016. IMEAK Chamber of Shipping and TUDEV member companies will be offered an additional 10 discount on early booking prices.
EXPOMARITT More about Istanbul I address.

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