First demolition for Başkentray on Hacettepe Bridge

First demolition for Başkentray Hacettepe Bridge: Within the scope of Başkentray works, demolition of railway bridges in Sıhhiye, Cebeci and Mamak begins today. The bridge in front of Hacettepe University will be demolished today. Demolition works on the Sıhhiye railway bridge on Atatürk Boulevard will start on 17 July.
Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways Administration (TCDD) will be performed by BAŞKENTRAY project scope, Suburban railway line of the remaining bridges will be demolished and re-Kayaş stations and crossings in Ankara. During the studies, the routes with under and overpasses will be partially or completely closed to vehicle traffic. Today, within the scope of the works that will start with the demolition of the railway bridge in front of Hacettepe Hospital Emergency Service, Sıhhiye, Saime Kadin, Cebeci (near the Old Conservatory) bridges, Altinsoy 1-2 passages, Mamak Street, Kayaş Street connection points and overpasses in Yemeni Street will be demolished. Work will continue until November 19.
Around the Hacettepe Bridge, the demolition of which will begin today, the part of Adnan Saygun Avenue, between Celal Bayar Boulevard and Kızılay Street, will be closed to vehicle traffic from 21.00:17 until 17 July Sunday in order to perform demolition operations. After the demolition process is completed, first and then two lanes in both directions will be opened to vehicle traffic on Sunday, July 17, in the section between Celal Bayar Boulevard and Kızılay Street. The part of Dumlupınar Avenue, between Celal Bayar Boulevard and Geçim Street, will be closed from 21.00:19 on Sunday, XNUMX July until Tuesday, XNUMX July.
Demolition of the Sıhhiye Bridge on Atatürk Boulevard will begin on July 17. During the studies that will continue until September 9, traffic flow will be provided from three lanes in both directions. The part of Arif Yıldız Avenue between Mamak Avenue and 4th Avenue will be closed to vehicle traffic on July 19-21. The part of Talatpaşa Boulevard between Plevne Street and Mamak Street (Dikimevi Junction) will be closed to vehicle traffic for 21 days from 21.00:60 on 1 July. Altınsoy 1 Underpass, which connects Altınsoy Avenue to Strasbourg Avenue and Toros Street, will be closed to vehicle traffic for 5 days on August 4-2. The Altınsoy 16 Underpass, which connects Celal Bayar Boulevard with Altınsoy Street, will be closed to traffic from Tuesday, August 21.00th to Saturday, August 20th. Within the scope of the works, many streets around the railway line in Mamak during August will be closed to traffic on various dates.
Metropolitan Municipality, until the day until the traffic will remain closed in the Hacettepe region to prevent the citizens of alternative transportation routes determined. The authorities gave the following information:
“Coming from the direction of the nation; The drivers who will go to the direction of the College and Kurtuluş use Talatpaşa Boulevard, Çifteler Street and Dumlupınar Street. ; The drivers who will go in the direction of Ulus to use Ziya Gökalp Caddesi Kurtuluş Kavşağı, Dumlupınar Street and Talatpaşa Boulevard or Kestane Street and Ulucanlar Street will be followed by Celal Bayar Boulevard following the Sıhhiye direction. They have to use. '

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