Antalya Rail System Network to be increased to 58 Mileage

antalya tram lines
antalya tram lines

58 rail network in Antalya will be increased to kilometers: 3 to be built by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. Within the scope of the Phase Rail System Project, the rail network in the city will be increased to 58.

The agenda items were discussed at the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality July Monthly Assembly Meeting held in Antalya Water and Wastewater (ASAT) Administration Hall under the chairmanship of Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel.

At the meeting, 3. In order to finance the Urban Transformation Infrastructure Investments with the Phase Rail System Project, a plan and budget commission report on the authorization of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality was submitted to conduct negotiations and carry out the necessary works and operations.

It was unanimously approved to authorize the municipality as part of the rail system project that will provide transportation from Varsak to the bus station in the city, from Akdeniz University to Antalya Training and Research Hospital.

Mayor Türel, in his speech, 3. Stage Rail System Project started in front of the municipality of the former, if any, Suleyman Demirel Boulevard, Yesilırmak Kepez said that the municipality came to the front.

A route, return from the bus station in Sakarya Boulevard Turel, said:

“One of them is going straight ahead of Kepez Municipality. Returning from Sakarya Boulevard, in front of the bus station from the university direction, it ends in front of the Antalya Training and Research Hospital. We extend the nostalgic tram from there, from the Regional Directorate of Meteorology to the hospital. Thus, wherever you can get from the bus station, you can go by transferring to the lights. The route that goes in front of Kepez Municipality passes under the Gazi Boulevard underground and comes to Atatürk State Hospital from Konuksever District. ”

President Türel, stating that it has a stage length of about 28 kilometers, said, "When we do this, when we include the 25 km line of the nostalgic tram, we will have a rail network of 58 kilometers, almost 60 kilometers in Antalya." used the expression.



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