11 new metro lines to Ankara

11 new metro lines to Ankara: With the 2013-2038 Metropolitan Area and Transport Master Plan, the four corners of the capital will be built by metro networks. The existing metro lines, which are 55 kilometers in three lines, will increase to 600 kilometers with the new project.
The capital will be built with new metro lines. One of the long-term projects of the Mayor Melih Gökçek and the Ankara Metropolitan Area and Near Main Transportation Project (2013-2038), the new metro line of 11 will be built. Metro network will reach 600 kilometers.
At the suggestion of President Melih Gökçek, with the project prepared by the cooperation of Gazi University transportation team and Metropolitan Municipality, the project will be equipped with a metro network all over Ankara.
4 2015 2018 1 2018 2023 2 2023 2028 Stage Dikimevi-Nato Road-East Terminal, ASTİ-Sögütözü, Forum-AKM (Etlik), Esenboğa-Gar, Casino-Forum Shopping Center, 3-2028 period covering 2038. Sincan-Yaşamkent (collection line), central collection line, Dikmen-Gar, Siteler-Karapürçek (cable car line), 4-XNUMX. etap Forum AVM-Sincan, Yaşamkent-TRT line will be. XNUMX XNUMX-XNUMX XNUMX. The stage is Koru-Tulumtaş, Etimesgut-Kazan, Sincan-Temelli-Polatli and Kayas-Elmadag (suburb), Sincan-Ayas (suburb).
All these transportation plans were jointly executed with the Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Reconstruction. Dr. Mahmut Özbay, the project was presented to President Melih Gokcek and related commissions and delivered, he said.
The project was coordinated by the Group Presidents. Dr. Metin Senbil, Professor Dr. Hülagü Kaplan, Asst. Assoc. Dr, Hayri Ulvi, Assoc. Dr. Burcu H. Özüduru and Dr. Abdullah Forest, explaining that the team prepared with Ozbay, public transportation trust, fast transportation and comfort, the main goal, he said.
After examining the project, the Metropolitan Municipality will send it to the Ministry of Transport. If the Ministry deems it appropriate, the project will be discussed and put into practice at the Metropolitan Municipality Council.
Gazi University Faculty of Engineering Faculty Member, Coordinator and Coordinator of Transportation Master Plan. Dr. Mahmut Özbay stated that the public transportation system focuses on the subway system rather than vehicle traffic, and that this is a method and work that is in line with the vision of the capital and also the transportation vision. During the 2 month, the subway systems in New York City in the USA were examined and the Ankara subway project was prepared. Each stage of the 4'ler announces that an annual period consists of Ozbay, said the final stage will end in 5.

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