Akçaray's power line is being pulled

Akçaray's power line is being towed: Power line works were started within the scope of Akçaray Tramway Project which will introduce Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality with rail transportation.
In a written statement made by the municipality, it was noted that the excavation work of the approximately 6-kilometer power line that will provide the energy of the Akçaray Tramway Project has started.
The statement that piping and cable laying will be carried out after 300 meters of excavation on the power line from the download center of SEDAŞ in Alikahya District to the storage area, the following was stated:
“In the tram project, rail production continues in Elzem Street and Necip Fazıl Street, which were made suitable for rail production before. The 100-meter line excavation has been completed in the green area on the D-300 North Side Road, located between the Police Public Security Branch Directorate and the Yeni Cuma Mosque, and the lean concrete was laid in order to start ironwork. In the tram works on D-100 North Side Road, 800 meters of infrastructure production has been completed. Road construction work continues in order to put Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard into the use of wheeled vehicles. While the necessary excavation works continue, the filling asphalt works will be started at the next stage. The line excavation is planned at the Perşembe Pazarı Junction and it is planned to start rail production. "

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