18-month farewell to Sincan - Kayaş suburban line begins tomorrow

The 18-month farewell to the Sincan - Kayaş suburban line begins tomorrow: Sincan - Kayaş suburb, which will be raised to the subway level within the scope of Başkentray works, will make 3 flights in the morning from tomorrow. An express bus line will be installed between Sincan-Gar-Sıhhiye
The Başkentray project, which will be built to bring the Sincan - Kayaş suburban line to metro standards, will start tomorrow. During the construction period, suburban flights will be continued as 3 trips in the morning and in the evening in order not to have trouble for the residents of Ankara. The General Directorate of EGO will carry passengers with the 522 express bus line established between Sincan-Gar-Sıhhiye in addition to the existing bus lines in order to prevent the people of the region from being victimized.
EGO officials stated that the construction work of the Başkentray Project will start on Monday, July 11, and that the "522 Sincan-Gar-Sıhhiye New Express" line will be put into operation along the suburban train route as of the same day so that citizens using the suburban train line will not suffer.
The authorities stated that they are working intensively on all the details so that the citizens are not victims, and they also explained the details of the newly opened bus line. With the closure of the Sincan-Kayaş Suburban line, the passengers, with the "522 Sincan-Gar-Sıhhiye Express Line", Sincan, Lale, Elvankent, Emirler, Özgüneş, Etimesgut, Marşandiz, Gazi Cartridge Factory, Gazi, Hippodrome, Ankara Train Station, Sıhhıye Courthouse stated that they can use the stops in front of him.
The Başkentray Project covers the reconstruction of existing lines within Ankara between the Ankara-Behiçbey road, the 6 road between Behiçbey and Sincan, the 5 road between Ankara and Kayas, and the 4 road between Ankara and Kayaş. Within the scope of the project, it is aimed to raise the railway stations at the existing stations while planning to remove all level crossings on the route. Upon completion of the capital, Sincan-Kayaş will have an average of 15 million per year for passengers carrying 60 million.
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, who made statements about the Başkentray works and stated that Başkentray will be integrated with the existing metro systems in the city of Ankara, said, “After 18 months, our citizens of Ankara will be able to reach all parts of Ankara by rail system. During the construction period, suburban flights will be continued as 3 trips in the morning and evening in order not to have trouble for the people of Ankara, ”he said.

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