YOLDER President Özden Polat: We will stand for our democracy

Railway Construction and Operating Personnel Assistance and Solidarity Association (on the road is) Chairman Ozden Parker, Turkish Armed Forces said the coup attempt carried out within a minority group strongly condemned, Turkey said that come with democracy, with all its elements.
Said Polat gave the following opinion: "across the country to spread democratic our members are close to 800, a secular state of law which the Republic of Turkey forever kept taking power from the said policy and defense to the counting of a national task, we strongly condemn the 15 July coup attempt.
Turkey's democratic secular state targets the anlaşış selected based on national will against this atrocious attack the government and we were next to the institution, the Supreme Turkish army, which is represented by the use of attempt and first national will for evil purposes Veterans Turkey Grand National Assembly, non-citizens, do our security forces had We condemn the attacks.
15 evening of July coup attempt that which just bought the place as a black mark on our history of democracy, citizens with one heart against the coup attempt, our government, our opposition parties, security forces, media and press our bodies attempt to support making the TSK our with Turkey, has successfully this great test of democracy We, as all non-governmental organizations that have taken their power from democracy, are ready to fulfill our duties in order to ensure that our country is able to survive this difficult process with a stronger democracy than before, and that we are ready to fulfill our duties as YOLDER, and the security guards who died during this development and the citizens who lost their lives. We wish God's mercy, his condolences to his depressed families, and the speedy recovery for the wounded. Allah

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