There is still no concrete step about Suleymaniye

There is still no concrete step about Suleymaniye: Suleymaniye Ski Club President and Ski National Team Coach Erturk Yakut, Suleymaniye Ski Center project, which has been busy in Gumushane for years, hasn't taken any concrete steps yet. his discourses have become boring now.


Emphasizing the importance of winter tourism in his statement about the subject,. First of all, it is necessary to plan the area and explain it well for the state support. This project is the 5 year for Gümüşhane. But someone always avoided taking this responsibility, continues to avoid, Ama he said.


Yakut, who stated that the results of the wrong practices during the construction of the ski facilities established in Kayseri, Erzincan and Sivas are obvious, listed what should be done in order not to make these mistakes in Gümüşhane: “First of all, this job should be handed over to the professionals. Million-lira projects and investments by escaping small sums should not be wasted as in many ski resort projects in Turkey. In this direction; In the city, the experts of this business should sit around a table with those who give their hearts. People's savings should be used. Unfortunately, it is very easy to become an expert in Gümüşhane without knowing anything about a subject. In every governor's decree, when the Governor is fully convinced, something is being done, and when the mood arises, hop on appointment! all over again. Our new Governor, Mr. Okay Memiş, Mayor Ercan Çimen, Chairman of the Provincial Assembly Şerif Bayraktar, Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration Ekrem Akdoğan, institution managers, Gümüşhane Chamber of Commerce and Industry President İsmail Akçay, AK Party Provincial President Celalettin Köse, and all the people in the city, as a priority. directors of institutions, non-governmental organizations should be more sensitive to this issue and should accelerate this issue. My humble suggestion is to bring together our big businessmen, who are proud to be from Gümüşhane, and have each of our businessmen accept a restoration of 35 buildings in the Süleymaniye neighborhood that are waiting to be restored. In this way, our Süleymaniye neighborhood will stand up much faster. And our country-loving businessmen are a gift to their homeland. kazanI am sure they will experience the happiness and pride of climbing. Meanwhile, a master plan should be prepared for the mechanical facilities, and we can quickly create a ski center that can host international and national competitions with the budget of the Ministry of Development, Doka, Spor Toto and the Special administration.”


Emphasizing that Gümüşhane should be integrated with summer and winter tourism and planned as a whole, and tourism should be spread over 12 months, Yakut said, "While planning a ski center, the city population, accommodation capacities, transportation opportunities, winter tourism potential in the surrounding provinces, sunlight exposure times in the current area and Many issues should be addressed, such as angles of wind in the winter period. I think this is the planning that can be done by professional companies that do these works. What does Gümüşhane gain from this project, economically and sportingly? kazanI hope these will be the days when the snowy mountains turn into snow for Gümüşhane in winter, and I hope to talk about these later”.

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