BTS announces level crossing accidents

BTS made a statement on level crossing accidents: United Carrier Workers Union (BTS), who made a statement about the fatal accident that occurred as a result of the collision of the service minibus carrying the workers in the Bor district of Niğde, reminded that similar level crossing accidents were repeated.
The freight train crashed into the service station, 5 dead, 10 injured
The train hit the minibus carrying agricultural workers; 6 dead, 16 injured
In the statement, TCDD emphasized the need to act jointly by the Special Provincial Administrations and Municipalities and said gerekti We do not accept the cost of our lives as a cost element Açık.
According to the news in ETHA, BTS's explanation on the subject is as follows;
“We were faced with a similar accident before the blood of those who lost their lives in the recent level accidents had dried up and their wounds were healed. Just last month; 9 agricultural workers, including Syrian workers, lost their lives as a result of the train, which was carrying out the Tatvan-Ankara expedition in the Yurtbaşı town of Elazığ, and the minibus carrying unprotected and barrier-free level crossing at the entrance to Alaşehir District of Manisa. 6 workers lost their lives and tens of people were injured in these accidents. As we have already stated by our union, in order to avoid level crossing accidents, necessary work should be done by TCDD, Special Provincial Administrations and Municipalities. We do not accept that the cost of our lives is a cost factor ”
2 crash killed in 11
While the shuttle minibus carrying the workers of a textile factory in Bor Organized Industrial Zone in Bor District of Niğde, tried to pass through the level crossing, 5 people died while 10 people were injured as a result of collision with the freight train going from Adana to Niğde. In another accident in the Alaşehir district of Manisa this month, 6 people lost their lives after the train in this month in Manisa Alaşehir mowed the truck carrying agricultural workers.

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