5 Bin Railroad Walk for Democracy (Photo Gallery)

5 Thousand Railroaders Walked for Democracy: Public institutions and organizations operating in the railway sector and the unions in the railway sector in Sivas organized a march to “protect national will and democracy” in order to react to the coup attempt of the Fetullahist terrorist organization (FETO). Approximately 5 thousand people who participated in the march with Turkish flags protested the treacherous coup attempt and its collaborators, claiming democracy.
The "Protect National Will and Democracy" march, organized by the Sivas Railway Workers Platform, started from the Tiren Station and continued until the Sivas Governorship. Railway workers with Turkish Flag in their hands chanted slogans against the coup, such as "No to the Impact", "Stand tall, don't bend, TÜDEMSAŞ is with you", "Stand upright, Bending Machinists with you".
Railway and National Will
The Deputy Governor of Sivas, Ömer Kalaylı, who joined the Democracy March in front of the railway station, said in his speech: c Democracy and the National Will Our Seizure continues uninterruptedly. Together with the representatives of the Public Institutions and Organizations operating under the Ministry of Transport and the representatives of the Unions, we carried our Democracy Walk to the City Square. We are shoulder to shoulder under the starry glorious flag of the Moon. No power can break our unity and unity. Seven days have passed since the Hain coup attempt. Sivas We continue to maintain our national will and democracy. Unity, solidarity and brotherhood should be our most important position to be given to coup, terrorists and terror. Dar
Later in his speech Turkey Railway Machines Industry Corporation (TÜDEMSAŞ) CEO and Chairman Yildiray Koçarsl that, 15 July night of the actual coup attempt, saying it was unacceptable under any circumstances, was cursed evil plan and collaborators.
Koçarslan said, demiryolu We are the Sivas railway family who works with Turkish and world railways in various branches, especially with our Commander-in-Chief, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, our Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, the Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ahmet Aslan, who are working with the love of his fatherland, flag and prayer in line with the orders and orders of Ahmet Aslan. 15 believes that the coup attempt on the night of July is unacceptable under all circumstances and we condemn it with all our strength. In order to express our belief in democracy after this extraordinary situation of our country, we continue our democracy and our Democracy march as railroad workers and their families as we do every day. Adı
Koçarslan General Manager continued his speech as follows:
Ut 15 With the statements made against the treacherous coup plan without any hesitation from the beginning of the July coup attempt, our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan; Thanks to our Mayor, our provincial gendarmerie Regiment Commander, our Provincial Security Director, our non-governmental organizations and the press organizations, Xnumx July, the night of the squares one day, one hour, even thank you to the bold Sivaslılara. Belediye He said.
Finally, TCDD 4. Area Manager Hacı Ahmet Şener, 15 July night, the traitor of the plan of the traitor, who struck the bullet to his own citizen, low mentality of the Turkish Nation as the necessary answer to our nation by stopping against tanks, balls, planes, saying we stand as a nation. Thanks to the head of our nation. I wish mercy from Allah for our martyrs. I wish a speedy recovery to the wounded. Ş He said.
Sivas Gar Building, starting from the City Square, "Democracy Walk" Deputy Governor of Sivas Omer Kalayli, General Director of Tudemsas Yildirim Kocarslan, TCDD 4.Region Area Manager Haci Ahmet Sener, DHMI Director Ebubekir Taşseten, UDEM Hak-Sen President Abdullah Peker, Railways -iş trade union Sivas Branch Financial Secretary Kemal Expert, Transport Officer-Syndicate Sivas Branch President Ömer Vatankulu, Turkish Transportation Branch Branch President Nurullah Albayrak, Demard Sivas Branch President Gultekin Boyuneğmez, Workers and Officers working in the Railways participated.
Members of the Sivas Railroad Workers Platform said they would continue their march and Democracy Seizures until President Recep Tayyip Erdogan instructed them to leave the squares.

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