2.5 meter barrier to fire truck

2.5 meter obstacle to the fire truck: Sparks from the work machine during the work at Topkaya Train Stop ignited the dry grass. When the fire truck could not pass the 2.5 meter-high tunnel, firefighters could interfere with the fire by combining the hoses.
Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways Administration (TCDD) project conducted by BAŞKENTRAY made under the railway bridge and walkway planned fire broke out yesterday during demolition work. According to the information obtained from the Topkaya Train Stop within the boundaries of Constanta District of Mamak Municipality and the rails in the region during the removal of the machine due to the sparks emerging from the machine caught the dry grass. Growing in a short time, the flames, the green area next to the railway jumped. The grass fire spreading over large areas with the effect of the wind scared the inhabitants of the slums in the region.
Fearing that their homes burned citizens, garden hoses and bottles filled with water to intervene in the fire. Railroad workers also tried to extinguish the flames with digging, rowing and fire tubes on the job site. The interventions of the citizens and workers prevented the flames from leaping to the slums.
On the incident, the fire department of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Fire Department came to the scene. However, because the height of the tunnel passing under the railway was 2.5 meters, the fire truck could not pass to the other side of the road. While firefighting car parked at the entrance of the tunnel, Kayas Street, firefighters intervened the fire by connecting the hoses together. The fire crews were not injured by fire. Fear of the fire in a short time to reach the homes of citizens, firefighters watched with the eyes of the intervention of the fear.
On the other hand, the final situation in the planned railway bridge and gate demolition works within the scope of the Başkentray project is as follows:
* The third bridge, which was demolished within the scope of Başkentray project, was the bridge passing over Dumlupınar Street. The rails which are in the shortest time are destroyed.
* Sıhhiye, Sibhiye Bridge on Ataturk Boulevard and Celal Bayar Boulevard and Altinsoy Street connects the work of the Altınsoy 2 underpass for the demolition of the work continues. During the demolition, bridges are strengthened in order to prevent accidents in the region.
* Şehit İdris Yılmaz Street which was closed due to the destruction of Saimekadın Bridge was opened to traffic again. The approach to the demolition 21 began in July and the traffic flow is reached by a lane in both directions.
* Construction machines are being prepared for the demolition of the bridge on Mamak Street.

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