Konya's high speed train station announced for 10

The tender for Konya high-speed train station, which was canceled 10 times, was concluded: The tender of the high-speed train station planned to be built in Konya's Old Wheat Market was concluded.
The auction, which returns to the story of the fast train station planned to be built in the old Wheat Market, was finally completed. After the tender process which was canceled about 10 times, the place delivery was made to Altındağ Construction.
Konya New High Speed ​​Train Station tender was concluded. The tender for the railway to be built on the old Wheat Market was made about two years ago but as a result of the objections, the delivery of the place was postponed for the 10. Finally, the tender was won by Ankara firm Altındağ İnşaat and the company was delivered to the company. Construction excavation is expected to start within 10.
Established in 1990 and headquartered in Ankara, Altındağ İnşaat Turizm Ticarat A.Ş. is the field of activity of “Devlet İnşaat” tender commitments. The company has done construction and infrastructure works for the Ministry of National Defense, DSI, Ministry of Public Works, General Directorate of Highways, Prime Ministry TOKI, General Directorate of Security, Universities and many official institutions and organizations.



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