The domestic producer flew the 3rd airport: Istanbul's new airport construction continues at full speed. At the Third Airport, the localization rate increased to 80 percent. At every stage of the airport construction, the local manufacturer's door is knocked first.
3 percent of Istanbul 80rd Airport will be built with local resources. At every stage of the airport construction, the local manufacturer's door is knocked first.
Almost all of the stone, steel structure, glass and wood products to be used in the architecture of the terminal building of 1.3 million square meters are provided from the domestic market. In addition, all fine work items such as wood products, benches, steel fabrications, roofing steel, glass will come from domestic industry.
HDI, only spread across Turkey's activities for flooring even met with more than 100 stone supplier.
Yusuf Akçayoğlu, CEO of Istanbul Grand Airport, said, “500 thousand square meters of stone will be laid on the ground and we have met one by one for this granite coating. Now we are planning to divide all parts of the terminal according to the granite material coming from the specific city. Such as Sivas, Giresun, Aksaray, Ağrı, Van, Afyon, Kırklareli, Nevşehir… ”and explained the importance they give to indigenous people.
Only the baggage system, air radar system, x-ray devices, walking belts, bellows of the new airport will be supplied from 'foreigners' due to their manufacturer origin.
Istanbul 3rd airport construction is carried out on 76.5 million square meters. Currently, 28 percent of the airport construction is completed. The airport is expected to be operational on February 26, 2018. At the new airport, 350 destinations will be flown. It will provide employment for 210 thousand people. There will be 1500 landings and take-offs a day. 200 million passengers will be served.




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