Women wants pink metrobus!

Saadet Party Istanbul Provincial Women's Branches, after the allegations of harassment in the metrobus secrets of a necrotic bigots came to bother. 2012 60 thousand signatures collecting 'Pink Metrobus' who want to Saadet Party Istanbul Provincial Women's Arms, this request repeated.
The Felicity Party has re-launched a proposal that would disturb women's exploit secularist bigots. Saadet Party Istanbul Women's Arms re-opened a meaningful campaign on som days when the allegations of harassment in metrobuses from the most widely used public transportation vehicles in Istanbul were on the agenda. Saadet Party Women's Branches said in a press statement, "Pink metrobus is not a luxury or grace for ladies living in this gigantic city, is an important and urgent need not to be ignored," the statement said.
In a written statement made by the Women's Branch of the city, the most intensively used route in Istanbul, metrobüsün started to attract people with the promise of saving time, but despite the improvement efforts in proportion to the increase in the population of Istanbul responding to the need was still emphasized.
Metrobus is difficult to find an empty vehicle, sitting in the busiest hours of occupation with the occupation of the occupant of the occupation that indicates the occupancy of the occupation, said: la In this case as women individuals, mothers traveling with children as seen in developed countries as seen in examples for a better quality journey 'Pink Metrobus' need is obvious. We believe that this will be a step that will contribute to the solution of the problem. 'Pink Metrobus' is not a luxury or grace for women living in this gigantic city but it is an important and urgent need to ignore.'
The principle of una positive discrimination against women a in the constitution emphasizes the principle of ına positive discrimination against women inin, pointing out that they have a privileged treatment of disadvantaged groups. We would like to repeat the request of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mr. Kadir Topbaş, who we would expect a positive action in the context of the practices that consciously preferential treatment, in order to place the 3 pink metrobus on the expedition after each 4-1 vehicle. The 'Pink Metrobus' application, which has a great impact on the public and is followed with interest, will always be on our agenda despite the indifference of the authorities ı.
In his statement, ine Our National Vision, which is the signature of the benefactor under all the good works in our country and in the Islamic world, will be instrumental in the implementation of the public transportation application for the ladies with the support of our sensitive citizens. We would like to thank our citizens and NGOs who supported us in this auspicious work and wish that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will take action as soon as possible to meet this demand ere.

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