Water Pressure at the Underground Station (Video)

Flooding at the Metro Station in Washington: A timelapse video of this flooding moment of the Cleveland Park metro station in Washington DC, which faced the flooding last Tuesday, was released.
There was a flood in the Cleveland Park metro station of Washington DC, the capital of the United States of America, in the incident last Tuesday, which we guess you have seen in many places and on television.
As a result of a raid that flooded the stairs into a pond, the station was shut down and the water station was re-activated after the water was withdrawn.
According to the authorities, although it is said that the station coincides with the foot of a hill as a geographical structure and at the same time it is said that this situation, which is experienced due to unexpected high rainfall, made many people mad, the timelapse video released was quite strange. In the video you can see below, you can see how the water dominates, but what caught my attention was the people who didn't care as if the situation they usually encounter with water. Even more interesting was the ones who waited in the water that came up to the knee to “Let me take a photo here”, and especially towards the end of the video, two young girls who were obviously their only aim to take photos came there twice and left by taking photos. (I guess they didn't like the photo when they first arrived and they went back and took it again)
Here you can watch the floods as timelapse and you can see the strange reactions of the people who are there during the event and who pass through the area;



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