Van-Tabriz Speed ​​Train Speeds Up Valve

Van-Tabriz High Speed ​​Train Accelerates Van: Yılmaz Kılıç, who was introduced to trade and politics at a young age, and also made a name for himself with his successes, married in 14 and became a father in 15. Sword father of 7 children, 22 in the Democratic Turkey Party Edremit District President, and 27 was the mayor of the Borough Floral Edremit district of Van.
Van-Tebriz high-speed train line
Kılıç has important thoughts about Van. Here are the proposals of Kılıç: inc 1727 We are talking about Van, the pearl of the east, with its sea and plateau at altitude. a province Turkey unmatched in the region. In our Van, where snow and sea are seen together, tourism may come to the fore. Border trade with Iran can be increased. Van-Ankara high-speed train suggestion, I do not think it will add a lot to Van. Van-Tabriz-speed trains, both to the east of Turkey as well as I believe that so much of Iran's west. Kurds live in Iran as well. The Van-Tebriz high-speed train line also means development along with the integration of peoples. The high speed train line will bring a lot to our region and our country. Hızlı
”Works are not politics, but production“
“We should not give up. We're not scared to this country. We shouldn't wait for someone to come and help us. We shouldn't expect everything from the state. The purpose of the civil society organizations (NGOs) is to bring new investments and new excitement to the city. Their job is not to make politics, that party is not to make statements against or against this party. There is a slowdown in the state policies of the two countries. I believe that Iranian and Van NGOs could step in and accelerate relations. I think that it is necessary to act jointly. Ortak
I thought 5 crazy project for Edremit
, The cities of Eskisehir, Kayseri, Gaziantep and Erzurum were the second cities. Edremit mayor candidate, while Edremit, the second city of Van, the idea that we have prepared some projects. I had crazy projects like the coastal band, a modern TOKI street between the district and TOKI, a giant square, a huge social facility to be built in the highways camp, and a ropeway that would connect the social facility to the girls' castle. We didn't think about 2053, we were going to offer these projects to our people during the 4 year. X
I We urbanized Çiçekli i
Dü Flowering was actually a village. I thought how to urbanize the village, I dreamed. I love to consult, I've worked intensively with many sectors. At that time, we presented a park project with 300 one thousand Euro to the Eastern Anatolia Development Agency. The money we bought for the 9 thousand 700 square meter park in Cicekli was Van's highest cash project. At any point in Van, there was no park with such infrastructure and equipped with a promenade and waterfall. We expanded roads, increased social facilities, built neighborhood areas, laid a cobblestone. We completed the zoning and sewerage. We built a children's park and a huge car park with dozens of machines in each neighborhood. Flowering is beautiful Van is beautiful. We did good things with the governors of the period, the district governors, the superiors of the institutions and the regional managers. We have made social events such as beach football in Çiçekli. In a short period of five years, Çiçekli was transformed from village to city. Çiçekli, the entrance of Van, is the showcase of Van. Van
I We realized the 60 of the projects “
Orum I think municipality is a love, a love. You have to have dreams and projects when you want to take responsibility. It is a flowering tourism area. We have realized the 60 of our projects in Çiçekli. Due to financial problems, 40 remained. I would like to completely complete Çiçekli's infrastructure. Çiçek
It wasn't the time for the metropolitan city.
I I think the metropolitan law was too early for the area and it wasn't the time. In addition to rural areas where industry and infrastructure are insufficient, we are not ready for social life. I lifted the provincial municipality of the state, the metropolitan emblem was shot in the big city. The metropolitan area has moved back rather than developing. Çiçekli going towards urbanization, turned into an old village after the municipality closed. Of course I'm not talking about Çiçekli being back in town. I say that the services should go differently. I hope our government returns from this wrong. There are some problems in other cities such as Trabzon and Ordu. Trabzon
Da Apart from getting garbage! .. “
Or Since Van is a metropolitan city, there is no service except garbage collection, and the district municipalities receive the garbage. 2 has had no winnings in the flowering resort of the metropolitan municipality, ım We call the EU but we have to change ourselves. We call it a Europeanization, but we are still people who beat each other for the village headman. There is a democratic election in Europe, and the votes are accepted. We were constantly insulted in the metropolitan council as the group president. Büyük
Doing something that is not in Van
'I plan to do what is not in Van. Van street cafes can be installed. We thought of Van as a suit and we designed the Coffee Earth as a tie. We brought a different excitement and ornament to Van. We believe that we are bringing something to Van both socially and economically. Social life increased with cafes in Van. Different cuts began to go out more in the evening. Since there is not enough social environment, some of the upper parts do not stay in Van. Yeter

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