High-speed train good news for Governor Özdemir Edirne

Governor Özdemir High speed train good news for Edirne: A welcoming ceremony was held for Governor Günay Özdemir, who was appointed as Edirne Governor with the Last Governors Decree. Governor Gunay said, "We believe that the high-speed train project from Edirne to Kars will be completed in a short time," he said.
After accepting the congratulations, Governor Özdemir made a statement to the journalists in his office and said, “Edirne will be a very important city in this region with the revival of the Silk Road from Beijing to London after the Baku-Tbilisi Railway. Infrastructure work on this continues. I believe this will end quickly. Especially from Istanbul HalkalıStudies on the section from 'to the border also continue. We were with our Transport Minister Ahmet Aslan from Kars last Tuesday. Especially when I talked to him about the completion of the railroad in Edirne, he said 'We will make the tender as soon as possible'. They said that they would give great support to our fellow citizens of Edirne ”.
Stating that he gave good news about Edirne, Governor Özdemir said, “I especially wanted to give this good news today as well. We believe that the high-speed train project from Edirne to Kars will be completed in a short time. Because it is important in this sense. You know, after the completion of Baku, Tbilisi and Kars, there is a train project from Beijing to London that we call the 'Middle Line'. The current line passes through the North, especially through Russia, and is unusable when both cost and difficulties arise here. When this is the middle line, I believe that the high-speed train from Edirne to Kars will be realized faster than previously planned, I hope we will see it as soon as possible, ”he said.


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