The First Issue of the Wagon Export Case is Held

Exports of cars first trial was held Channeling: Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation (TÜVASAŞ) 's export cars made in Bulgaria with the claim that the state's Damaging the first hearing of the case took place.
Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ), the export of cars made in Bulgaria within the scope of the investigation concerning the state's claim has suffered "Public Institutions of Tender sinister Shuffle, Public Institutions of Loss Fraud, Edie's fulfillment of rigging and unjustified" The lawsuit filed against the Crimes began to be filed at the Sakarya 1st High Criminal Court. Defendants, complainants and lawyers attended the case.
The defendant, İbrahim E., who made his first statement at the court, said, “In 2003, I was appointed as TÜVASAŞ Chairman and Board of Directors. This task continued until October 20123. The deadline for the project, which is organized in accordance with the contract with Bulgaria, which is the subject of the indictment, is December 2012. So I was dismissed 3 months before the end of the project. All decisions in this project were taken by passing through the board of directors. I do not accept any of the charges. Regarding the receipt of the TSI certificate specified in the indictment, an annex has been added regarding the acquisition of this document because Bulgaria is a member of the European Union and our institution, which is a member of the TCA. It was compulsory to obtain a TSI certificate for the 5 passengers with disabilities. In this regard, it is absolutely out of question to harm my institution. I am not responsible for late delivery since I was dismissed 3 months before the end of the contract. In the wagons to be produced for BDZ, which was attributed to me, the procedures regarding the supply of beds and seats belonging to the company BORCAT were followed by ARGE. It is not in question to cause me to take the tender decision irregularly in favor of ÖZBİR as an intervention in these works. Regarding the claim that I have insulted against the competition rules by signing a contract with the company named SAVASAŞ, TÜVASAŞ has been working with Mert Railli Company for 15-20 years, this company, which is a subcontractor, has joined the company named SAVASAŞ, so there is no experience, and even from the beginning stage of the project, SAVASAŞ There is no situation contrary to the rules of tender competition. In fact, it is a Spanish company together with SAVASAŞ in the first stage that brought us this business. Since the Spanish firm went bankrupt during the past period, the project was withdrawn. However, SAVASAŞ continued as the contractor of the project. ”
Responding to the question whether the TSI certificate to be obtained in case of delivery of the TVS 2000 type wagon, the lawyer of the defendant F.C, will be counted from the fixture, therefore, if the TSI certificate is obtained in the TVS 2000 type wagons; type wagons that would participate in the tenders would not have to obtain TSI certificate again. This is a document used in European Union countries. It is a document with circulation in all members of the European Union. It will make a great contribution and will be a surplus value for the company receiving this document. Although there was no requirement to obtain a TSI certificate in the agreement we signed with Bulgaria, we made attempts to obtain it, as it was suggested by us to be obtained by Bulgaria. Bulgaria would terminate the project if we did not get this document because it is the document that should be taken in the European Union countries. During the process of obtaining the TSI certificate, we asked TCDD for an opinion. He instructed them to be taken to us, ”he said.
In the statement he gave, the accused Ömer SB said, “I worked as an assistant general manager for 6 years at TÜVASAŞ. I signed the contract signed between BDZ and TÜVASAŞ, which is the subject of the indictment. I was dismissed 3 months after we signed the contract. I have no information about the process after I was dismissed. In the indictment, the receipt of the TSI document was reported as abuse. However, there were already many conditions included in the specifications of the contract signed. The TSI certificate brought features such as non-flammability, obstacle, noise increase and vacuuming. The main features are those that must be fulfilled by TÜVASAŞ when we have already signed the contract. Moreover, TCDD and SAI also gave instructions to TÜVASAŞ to obtain the TSI certificate. Currently, TSI certificate is requested for tenders in TCDD. This document shows the quality standard in the European Union countries. ”
Listening to the defendants and lawyers one by one, the court board decided on “General development income of a wagon in the TVS 2013 model, with and without TSI standard, waiting for a response to the competent judicial authorities in Bulgaria and the UK”. postponed to history.

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